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School statements and policies

We always want to achieve the best for our pupils, with our standards set high to enable this. We regularly review our key statements, policies and guidance to ensure our high standards are constantly maintained.

View and download our school policies. Our policies  are categorised by the Ofsted criteria's: general compliance, quality of education, personal development, behaviour and attitudes, and leadership and management.

Quality of education

Assessment and progress guidance
Curriculum guidance
Early years foundation stage (EYFS) policy 
Home learning offer
Online safety policy
School careers policy and SOP
SEND Information Report 2023/ 2024

Personal development

Children’s equality and human rights policy
Educational visits policy and SOP
Intimate care and procedures policy and statement of purpose
Moving and handling Policy
Relationships and sex education (RSE) policy

School enrichment policy 
School first aid policy
School transition booklet

Behaviour and attitudes

Attendance policy
Behaviours of concern policy
School behaviour - Code of conduct

Leadership and management

Child protection and safeguarding procedure (SOP)
Early careers teacher induction policy (ECT)
Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) policy
Integrated Supervision Policy and SOP
Low level concerns school policy
Mental capacity act, best interest, and deprivation of liberty safeguard policy
Pupil Premium strategy statement
Safer recruitment policy
School premise management policy and SOP
Staff handbook 

General compliance

Admissions, discharges and transitions policy and SOP

Admissions SOP
Complaints policy
Data protection policy
Health and safety policy
School prospectus
Residential statement of Purpose
Visitor policy and statement of purpose (SOP)


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Safeguarding at our school

Our safeguarding policy sets out the responsibilities, reporting and investigating procedures for protecting adults and children.

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