Laura during a wedding sensory experience session

Personal development

The curriculum extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational subjects. It aims to develop our learners holistically, encouraging them to discover and explore their interests and talents.

Through our curriculum and wider work, we also support our young people in developing their character, including their resilience, confidence and independence, as well as helping them to keep physically and mentally healthy. 

Our journey

Jan 2016

Indiana interacting with a hedgehog
  • Reviewed systems and procedures of the school day to focus on the interests, motivators, preferences of the learner
  • Shared information with families via a weekly newsletter
  • Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural & British values incorporated into each session
  • Identified self-occupancy activities for all children


Artwork created by the children as part of their personal development
  • Continued to develop ‘activity weeks’ and ‘lunchtime learning’ as part of our enrichment platform
  • Marked traditional holidays and used children's own motivators to generate excitement and stimulate participation
  • Implementation of ‘Play & Leisure’ goals to support the 24-hour curriculum


Finn at the K'z dance session
  • Joined digital platform 'GridMaker' to monitor Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) and track participation and celebrate enrichment achievements
  • Introduced morning ‘wake up’ groups to residential school houses
  • Strengthened the 24-hour curriculum with alignment of Play and Leisure goals to ImPACTs educational targets
  • Group wellbeing initiatives lead by Psychosocial team
  • Health promotion initiatives lead by School nurse


Emelia at the Arts festival
  • ‘Quality of Life’ agenda launched within the enrichment offer of the school
  • Introduced a range of lunchtime clubs to meet a range of individual interests
  • ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ became a key success in supporting our learners' emotional wellbeing
  • School embraced creative enrichment recognition through Artsmark statement of commitment


Zac at the Arts Festival


  • Opened the academic year with INSET session ‘Sensory Engagement for Mental Health and Well Being’
  • Introduced opportunities to enrich lives for the children – prom, community, play team, after-school clubs
  • A new virtual discovery of ‘enrichment’ introduced to residential houses and in school
  • School remained opened and a safe and meaningful enrichment offer was provided
  • Made a commitment to ARTSMARK to deliver age-respectful, creative and meaningful projects across the school


Child's hand on top of carer's hand whilst pressing a shape cutter into dough
  • Implemented the PERMA (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment) model of Quality of Life (Seligman 2016)
  • Strengthened the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum through development of sensory stories, timetabled sessions and happiness bags
  • Reconnection and recovery supported through the work of Happiness Profiles built upon pupils’ character traits
  • Strengthened the cultural capital via the Artsmark festival and bespoke ‘spinning art’


Star Balloon
  • School recognised by Music Mark for offering high-quality music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Challenge Partners recognised the school having an area of excellence for offering ‘personal development opportunities that develop cultural capital for children with complex and multiple barriers’
  • Development of a Waking Day project
  • Established a Mental Health and Wellbeing lead for children, families and staff
  • Introduced trampoline experience through our enrichment offer