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School Council

The School Council at The Children's Trust School aligns with the PERMA model, which focuses on well-being and empowerment within the school community.

Our school council aims to:

  • create a sense of belonging
  • seek and listen to the pupil’s voice
  • respond to the pupil’s voice
  • address issues, wishes, and concerns
  • supports the School’s, Pupil Charter
  • celebrates achievement
  • informs our teaching and learning

The School Council provides an essential pupil voice for all those at the School and it is a joy to share the many exciting events and activities that are celebrated.

Mike Donald, Governor

Mapping the School Council to the PERMA model

Positive Emotions

The School Council creates a positive emotional environment by giving our learners a platform to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas. This fosters a sense of belonging, empowerment, and positive self-expression.


The Council actively involves PMLD learners in decision-making processes, allowing them to participate and contribute to the development of the school. This engagement promotes a sense of purpose and involvement in shaping their educational experience. 


The School Council strengthens relationships between learners, their peers, and school staff. Through collaboration and teamwork, representatives build connections, develop and form new relationships within the school community.


The Council provides PMLD learners with a meaningful role in influencing school decisions. Their participation in decision-making processes gives them a sense of purpose, as they see the direct impact of their ideas and contributions on the school's development.


By being elected as student representatives, PMLD learners on the School Council experience a sense of accomplishment. Their active involvement in decision-making processes and contributions to the school's development provide a sense of achievement and recognition for their efforts.

The School Council at The Children's Trust School not only aligns with the PERMA model but also supports the PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities) standards, specifically in the area of relationships.

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