Music engagement session

Music for engagement

Music for Engagement forms part of the School's Self-Evaluation Form (SEF), which we continually review.

Our journey

Jan 2016

Music engagement session
  • Part-time music therapy in place 
  • No formal music educational offer
  • Research initiatives and music interventions introduced


Rafael in a music therapy session
  • Invested Pupil Premium Grant into music workshops delivered by Drake Music, the leading national organisation working in music, disability and technology
  • Drake Music supported us with the setting up and delivery of inclusive music sessions
  • Our school band, CedarSuperSound is founded and we held our first school wide music festival – ‘The Summer of Love’


Music engagement session
  • Investment of Pupil Premium into a year partnership working with Roehampton University and Sounds of Intent (SOI)
  • A school staff member gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Music and Children with Special Needs - Sounds of Intent (PGCert SOI)
  • Collaboratively devised 'Music for the Brain' cards with Adam Ockelford and Sophie Gray 
  • School band CedarSuperSound released a music video  A Song for Everyone, as well as The Making Of documentary 
  • Celebrated the musical achievements of the 23 pupils who gained a fully inclusive music qualification in a pilot scheme devised by Trinity College London and Sounds of Intent


Music engagement session
  • Invested Pupil Premium into individual music sessions with a specialist SOI teacher 
  • Our music cards were developed further to reference curriculum skill areas of communication, cognition and environmental control technology
  • CedarSuperSound released their second single Are You Ready for Christmas?, as well as a new music video and documentary
  • Pupil's musical achievements recognised through ASDAN Sound, Rhythm and Music accreditation


Music engagement session
  • Invested the Burdett prize money into the publication of our music cards
  • A second school staff member qualified with a Postgraduate certificate in Music and Children with Special Needs - Sounds of Intent (PGCert SOI)
  • A ‘music hub’ was created to enable all children and young people to attend music sessions in a purposeful environment


Frankie playing on drums
  • Music making recognised as a high-level interest activity for recovery and reconnection from COVID 19
  • Continued face-to-face as well as virtual virtual music lessons during the pandemic
  • Three young people gained an ASDAN Sound, Rhythm and Music accreditation
  • Article The Importance of Music Education at The Children’s Trust School is published in the winter edition of the PMLD Link
  • Review of Music Department and requirements of the Education Inspection Framework 
  • CedarSuperSound released their third track Heroes
  • Participation in Richard Hirstwood’s Sensory Festival with behind-the-scenes documentary on The Making of Heroes


Music engagement session
  • Music offer extended to three young people from our rehabilitation centre 
  • Became a Music Mark School in recognition of the high-quality provision and value placed on music education for all
  • Awarded Challenge Partner area of excellence
  • Cultural capital development opportunities for children with complex and multiple barriers