Real stories

Encephalitis: Henry

Henry was diagnosed with encephalitis at the age of four. Mum Andrea talks about changes in his behaviour following his brain injury and seeking support.

Encephalitis: Blair

Many diseases can mimic encephalitis, making it hard to diagnose. Mum Sophie explains what this meant for her three-year-old daughter and shares Blair’s progress at The Children’s Trust and back home.

Fighting for our children

Joanna is mum to 7-year-old Sebby who has an undiagnosed disability. Her blog covers the challenges they face regarding access, schooling and friendships – but also the positives for the family.

Stroke: Issy

In June 2018, eight-year-old Issy had a severe ischemic stroke caused by a blockage cutting off the blood supply to the brain. Mum Candice shares their story. 

Road traffic accident: Madison

A car accident in 2017 left Madison with a brain injury. Mum Georgette talks about Madison’s recovery at The Children’s Trust and further rehabilitation back at home through the Brain Injury Community Service.