At our school, we deeply value and prioritise understanding how each child learns best.

We recognise that cognition is about how we learn and we apply this understanding across all learning opportunities. Our dedicated school team work tirelessly to break down multiple barriers, ensuring that learning is not only accessible but also fun, inspirational and exceptional.

Engagement model

To guide our approach, we utilise the Engagement Model, a comprehensive framework that helps us assess and monitor each child's progress and development. This model enables us to understand their individual strengths, interests and areas for growth, all of which are integral to their cognitive development. By using the Engagement Model, we can tailor our teaching strategies and support to meet the specific needs of each child's unique cognitive learning profile.

Engagement monitoring plays a crucial role in our approach. We closely observe and track each child's level of engagement in learning activities, taking into account their cognitive processes and how they best engage with content. By assessing their participation, attention and interest, we gain valuable insights into their progress and can celebrate achievements, both in terms of linear and lateral growth. This comprehensive assessment allows us to continually refine our approaches and ensure that learning remains engaging and meaningful for every child.

Enriching our curriculum

Furthermore, we enrich our curriculum offer through national accreditations and partnerships. We work collaboratively with esteemed organisations such as Eco-Schools, UNICEF, Music Mark, Sounds of Intent and Artsmark to enhance our curriculum. These partnerships provide valuable opportunities for our students to engage in impactful initiatives and projects that stimulate their cognition and learning processes.

The impact of our work has been recognised by receiving the prestigious Platinum Artsmark and being a Music Mark School for two years running, reflecting the exceptional standards and outcomes of our creative accessible arts and music education offer.

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Our Curriculum guidance

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