Seeds growing in ceramic pots

Embracing adulthood

At our school, we continually review the transition to Year 9 as part of the journey of the School's Self-Evaluation Form (SEF).

Our journey

Jan 2016

Young person learning about the planting project
  • Ensured that those aged over 19 are grouped into an age-respectful environment where we can deliver the SEND Code of Practice 19-25
  • Established plans for appropriate transitions to adult placements
  • Hosted a transition fair which was attended by exhibitors and outside agencies


Planting seeds
  • Transition Review leaflets created to support the ongoing planning to adult life 
  • Preparation for Adulthood reviews planned  
  • Built a substantial database of onward placements 
  • Onward placements: Park House / Rapkyns / Melbreck 


Seeds growing in ceramic pots
  • Hosted a second transition fair  
  • Onward placements: High Hurlands / Wilton House, Somerset 
  • The school provided transition workshops aimed to support parents


Tins for candle making
  • Onward placements: Holy Cross / SeeAbility Heather House/ Orchard Manor – Aurora group
  • Hosted events to help signpost families to support transition
  • The Children's Trust social worker coordinator leads on driving the transition plan forward 


Candle making session
  • Onward placements: Martha Trust / Haberdashers / High Hurlands / SeeAbility Heather House 
  • Hosted virtual coffee transition meeting for Year 9 families 
  • School Development subject specialist work on Sixth Form / participation in the community 


Candle making session
  • Onward placements: High Hurlands / Chailey / Orchard Manor / Hillders Development with review of completed transition at 6 months and 12 months 
  • Updated the Information booklet on transition / preparing for adulthood process 
  • Scoped a ‘bridging the gap’ offer for students 19+ awaiting transition date 


A Bergamot and Lemongrass Platinum Candle
  • Onward placements: own home with care package / Haberdashers / Macadamia Care 
  • Developed a short term temporary ‘bridging the gap' offer to support the transition process 
  • Secured community links for Sixth Form young people to further establish social enterprise projects 


Plant in a ceramic vase with gift card saying 'The secret of getting ahead'
  • Hosted the 'Enabling Adulthood' transition fair, which featured over 10 external providers, including Paul Baker, an expert from Surrey's Local Authority
  • Sensory careers opportunities and experiences delivered meaningfully under the Gatsby Career Benchmarks
  • Onward placements to Close Care, The Jacob Centre and Orchard Manor