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As a special needs school for students with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) and complex health needs, we have chosen not to implement a uniform policy. Our priority is to create a comfortable and inclusive learning environment where the children and young people can thrive.

We recognise that for our students, making choices and expressing preferences are valuable aspects of their learning journey. We believe that allowing them to have a say in what they wear contributes to their sense of independence and self-expression. It promotes their autonomy and decision-making skills.

Getting dressed for the school day is an essential routine that supports their learning process. It helps students develop their fine motor skills, independence, and self-care abilities. By allowing them to choose their outfits, we empower them to take ownership of this routine, fostering their confidence and readiness to engage in the learning activities ahead.

Our focus is on creating an inclusive and supportive environment where each student feels comfortable and respected. By not having a uniform policy, we ensure that students can wear clothing that suits their individual needs, taking into consideration factors such as sensory sensitivities and physical comfort. This approach helps us create an atmosphere that supports their well-being and readiness to learn.

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The Children's Trust School

Our school is a non-maintained special school supporting children and young people aged 2-19 with a wide range of needs including complex education, health, therapy and care requirements.

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Early years

As part of our early years offering, we hold a weekly parent and child group, Taddies, for children aged 0-5, as well as age-appropriate education and activities based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum for children aged 2-5 attending our on-site nursery, Tadworth Tots.

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School Term dates

Find out about our about our school term dates, inset days and when our enrichment weeks are scheduled to take place.