Sandra and Josiah in a communication, language and literacy session

Communication, language and literacy

At our school, we prioritise effective communication and engagement with each child by utilising a total communication approach.

We recognise and respect individual communication modes and ensure that all staff are skilled in supporting each child's preferred communication methods such as Eye gaze, TaSSeLs (Tactile Signing for Sensory Learners), Makaton, Picture Symbols.

Our goal is to ensure that every child feels heard and understood. We observe and actively listen to their communication, taking their expressions and signals seriously. Communication is prioritised in every aspect of our school, from timetabled sessions to daily routines and interactions. We understand that all behaviours serve as a form of communication, and we strive to interpret and respond appropriately.

In our approach to literacy, we recognise that "reading" extends beyond the traditional written word. We embrace a broader understanding of reading that includes interpreting and comprehending information through objects, pictures, assistive technology equipment, audio, and other modes of communication that are accessible to our children. By expanding our concept of reading, we ensure that all children have meaningful opportunities to engage with and understand the world around them.

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Our Curriculum guidance

Download our Curriculum guidance to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our communication, language, and literacy approach, including its intent, implementation, and impact. This document provides further insights into our strategies and practices for promoting effective communication and literacy development.

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Through our commitment to total communication, recognising diverse communication modes, and prioritising understanding and interpretation, we aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment where each child's communication needs are heard, valued and met.

Further supporting documents are available such as how to deliver TaSSeLs.

Josiah using TaSSeLs tactile signs

Our TaSSeLs guide

This guide will walk you through the fundamental principles of TaSSeLs tactile signs and provide step-by-step instructions on how to effectively employ on-body signing with children who have PMLD (Profound and multiple learning disability).

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At The Children's Trust School, we take great pride in providing personalised and sequential educational offerings to our children and young people. With clear intent, thoughtful implementation, and measurable impact, we ensure a meaningful curriculum that allows each child to make progress and reach their intended outcomes.

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Welcome to Virtual Learning. Our wide range of activities caters to the diverse needs and interests of all our learners.