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The Children's Trust Community Rehabilitation Service provides specialist goal-orientated neurorehabilitation delivered in the child's environment. Our ultimate goal is to maximise the child's participation in everyday life.

We have transformed the way in which we deliver community brain injury rehabilitation. The newly formed, innovative Community Rehabilitation Service offers online information and resources, as well as support to children, young people, and families through a nationwide Virtual Acquired Brain Injury Team. In addition, the team offers an intensive, hands-on therapy service to children and young people living in the southeast, alongside virtual hybrid packages of support for those further afield.  

The new look Community Rehabilitation Service will provide a range of support across a tiered model, with increasing levels of support based on the level of need and identified goals.

Community Rehabilitation Service model

Find out more about each of our services, or download our Community Rehabilitation Service leaflet.

Digital Information: Bumps Happen 

Bumps Happen offers information and advice to support a child’s recovery and return to activity following a concussion.  The aim is to ensure that families can access information in a timely manner.  

Bumps Happen is split into 8 different information modules. Each of these deliver information at different stages of the recovery journey, covering advice in the immediate aftermath of a head injury, through to the days and weeks that follow. 

The website is designed to be self-service, meaning users should be able to get the information they require without needing to interact with a clinician. The site also has a dedicated chat bot feature. Curated by a fictional head injury specialist, Zoe, she guides users to the information they require via a series of simple multiple-choice questions. If users still feel they need to speak with a member of our team, they can contact a member of The Children’s Trust team by submitting a short contact form. 

Take a look at the Bumps Happen Hub for more information or to access the chatbot.

Virtual ABI Team  

The Children’s Trust’s Virtual ABI Team provide a free, goal-directed digital rehabilitation support service for children, young people and families living with acquired brain injury across the UK.  
Referrals are accepted from parents, families, and professionals. Support offered is directed by clinical need; families will be invited to join a virtual goal setting meeting where a plan is established to set meaningful participation-based goals. Specific advice, signposting and consultation can also be provided by one of our clinicians.  

The service model promotes and encourages self-management of needs in the long-term, however it is anticipated families may need a number of intervention periods in the years that follow their child’s initial injury, due to the lifelong developing nature of acquired brain injury. 

The team offer coaching and guidance to young people, their families, and others in their network to help them work towards their goals. It is recognised that some goals may be long-term in nature and the team will therefore aim to identify short term goals that can be addressed within the service offer that may be a steppingstone towards achieving longer-term goals.  

The ABI clinicians also offer a long-term register which offers support and follow-up to children with acquired brain injury at key educational transition points, in view of the possibility of emerging needs as a child gets older, and the changing expectations of school stages. Support is offered when a child enters reception age, secondary and post 16 education.   

The service will work flexibly to support families to access a virtual service if digital support is required.  
For further information or to make a referral, the Virtual ABI Team can be contacted on

Community rehabilitation 

The Children’s Trust Community Rehabilitation Team covers the South-East of England providing specialist assessment and goal-directed intensive rehabilitation for children and young people living with acquired brain injury or neurodisability. Rehabilitation is functional and context-based to address areas impacted by the child’s brain injury, including but not limited to: 

  • mobility 
  • self-care 
  • cognition 
  • communication 
  • emotional wellbeing 
  • return to education 
  • leisure activities, hobbies, and family life 
  • friendships

Intervention is holistic and focused on activities that are relevant and meaningful to the child, and delivered in the most appropriate setting which may include the child’s home, in school or in the community.  

Outpatient therapy at The Children’s Trust is also available, enabling access to on-site facilities such as aquatic therapy and robotics.  Specialist assessment will be offered when there is a gap in local provision and outcomes of the assessment will support the child’s ongoing rehabilitation and participation in activities within their own environments. This can include delivery in a hybrid/virtual way. 

There is evidence that neurorehabilitation is most effectively delivered by a coordinated team of professionals from the relevant disciplines. Where clinically appropriate, the service will take an interdisciplinary approach. This means the team works together in a co-ordinated way towards an agreed set of goals to assist the child to reintegrate into school, achieve their desired level of independence and enable their participation in chosen activities and ultimately in society.  

Some other aspects of service delivery may require a different approach i.e. when the therapy requirement is from one discipline.  

Core specialisms offered include: 

  • Psychology 
  • Speech & Language therapy 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Rehabilitation technician 

Delivery is in collaboration with the child’s local community services where possible and is subject to funding (see more below). Intervention can be provided at any stage in a child’s rehabilitation journey post the acute phase, including support to children who are many years post injury. 

Our  Community Rehabilitation Service supports children and young people who:

  •  have a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of an acquired brain injury, either recently or some years ago 
  • are medically stable 
  • are 18 years and under at the time of referral 
  • are registered with a UK GP 

Funding and referrals 

Funding is typically secured via the child’s Integrated Care Board, and our dedicated Placements Team will work with funders on behalf of the referrer/family. Self-pay and private funding are accepted. 
For further information or to make a referral please contact us on 01737 365 080. Alternatively, a downloadable version is available. 

Want more information about acquired brain injury?

We have a website for families, teachers and anyone who would like to know more about acquired brain injury in children.

Take a look at our brain injury hub

Our service delivery model

We provide a range of support centred around the child or young person. We offer clinical screening, advice and onward referral, as well as community-based multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation. A long term register is also in place to monitor the needs of the child or young person at key stages of development and offer support if new needs arise.

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  • 1,069

    children were supported by our Brain Injury Community Service (BICS) in 2018/19

  • 471

    clinical visits to support children in 2018/19

  • 60

    families were contacted for the long term register in 2018/19