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The Children's Trust Brain Injury Community Service provides specialist goal-orientated neurorehabilitation delivered in the child's environment. Our ultimate goal is to maximise the child's participation in everyday life.


Brain Injury Community Service: how it works

We provide a range of support centred around the child or young person. We offer clinical screening, advice and onward referral, as well as community-based multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation. A long term register is also in place to monitor the needs of the child or young person at key stages of development and offer support if new needs arise.

In addition, the service also works to raise awareness of acquired brain injury and provide clinical training to those working in the field. This service is underpinned by research.

The Brain Injury Community Service supports children and young people who:

  • have a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of an acquired brain injury, either recently or some years ago
  • are medically stable
  • are 18 years and under at the time of referral
  • are registered with a UK GP

These children and young people no longer require intensive therapy but would benefit from some level of therapeutic support. They may have a combination of cognitive, communication and behavioural difficulties including:

  • learning new information
  • concentration and memory
  • understanding and using language effectively
  • developing independence skills appropriate for their age
  • making and keeping friends
  • staying safe
  • controlling emotions and impulses
  • managing fatigue
  • getting enough sleep

These difficulties may impact on their participation at school, within social situations and at home.  Things which would come naturally to a typically developing child may be difficult for a child with an acquired brain injury such as learning to get organised for school, completing tasks at school and at home, or simply fitting in with a peer group.

Funding and referrals

How to refer

Anybody can refer a child into our Brain Injury Community Service, including clinicians, GPs, case managers, teachers, community-based healthcare professionals and parents.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact one of our team.

Send us an email [email protected]
Give us a call 01737 365 864 

Refer a child or young person to our Brain Injury Community Service.


Our Brain Injury Community Service is funded in a number of ways:

The clinical screening, advice and onward referral part of the service is available to all children and young people aged 18 and under across the UK and is entirely voluntary funded through donations, grants and fundraising activity.

As a charity The Children’s Trust needs to raised around £8 million each year which helps fund vital services such as this, as well as family support and accommodation for those receiving intensive rehabilitation support at our national specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey, music therapy, play and leisure activities, transport, and research.

If a child required an assessment and consultation, and/or skills packages, we seek funding on a individual basis. This may be from clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), local authorities, insurers, and case managers. Parents are also able to self-fund.

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Want more information about acquired brain injury?

We have a website for families, teachers and anyone who would like to know more about acquired brain injury in children.

Take a look at our brain injury hub

Our service delivery model

We provide a range of support centred around the child or young person. We offer clinical screening, advice and onward referral, as well as community-based multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation. A long term register is also in place to monitor the needs of the child or young person at key stages of development and offer support if new needs arise.

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  • 1,069

    children were supported by our Brain Injury Community Service (BICS) in 2018/19

  • 471

    clinical visits to support children in 2018/19

  • 60

    families were contacted for the long term register in 2018/19