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School development

At our school, growth and progress are not one-time events, but a continuous, dynamic process. Our School Development Plan (SDP) represents a commitment to implementing specific activities and principles systematically over an extended period.

We believe in the wisdom of Sharples et al. (2019), which emphasises viewing implementation as an ongoing journey, rather than a singular event, and executing it in well-planned stages.

A foundation of leadership excellence

Understanding the implementation process is pivotal for leadership excellence, guided by Department for Education (DfE) regulations, including Headteacher Standards 2020, Teacher Standards 2011, and the Education Inspection Framework 2023.

Focus on meaningful change

Success is amplified when we concentrate on a limited number of strategic changes, pursued with dedication. We believe that a well-defined implementation plan is the bedrock for clarity and logic in the process. Our innovative 'Making Us Subject Specialist Teams' (MUSST) approach fosters a collaborative and supportive environment where all staff take ownership of their development areas. Identifying and nurturing implementation leaders throughout our school is vital to ensure the plan remains relevant and effective. Our Project Planners for MUSST are tailored to meet the challenge.

A structured path to excellence

Our structured approach is the heart of our mission. School leaders and senior staff actively engage in planning, preparation, delivery, and the seamless integration of changes. Prioritisation is key, with a focus on a select number of strategic changes pursued with diligence. We are committed to identifying and eliminating ineffective practices, making necessary modifications before introducing new ones. Managing multiple improvement projects within and across the school is complex but essential for comprehensive development, all while staying true to our core principle, achieving the best quality of life for our pupils.

Evaluating effectiveness and growth

Understanding how to evaluate current practices and knowing when to discontinue ineffective ones is at the core of our School Self Evaluation Framework (SEF). Reliable monitoring and evaluation empower us to make well-informed choices, analysing how our improvement efforts influence teacher knowledge, classroom practices, and pupil outcomes. Our self-evaluation process establishes the path for change, maintenance, and growth.

A motivated and empowered team

Finally, our School Development Plan (SDP) is rigorously assessed to ensure that our staff is motivated, prepared for change, and equipped with the expertise and resources necessary for success. We understand that successful change is more likely when supported by appropriate professional development.

Join us in our journey towards educational excellence and continuous improvement. Together, we shape the future of our school and the lives of our students.

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Self- Evaluation (SEF) and Development priorities April 2023 - 24 

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Our school development journey

Explore our school journey through our Self-Evaluation form (SEF). Our SEF timelines set out the key actions we have taken to allow our school to grown and flourish.

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