Olivia at a Physical health and Activity session

Physical health and activity

As part of the Self-Evaluation Form (SEF), at our school we continually review our Physical health and activity programme

Our journey

Jan 2016

Laura in a physical health session
  • Physical development directed by the physiotherapy team through school week
  • Nature walks to support sessions within school day 
  • Physiotherapy led sessions in the hydrotherapy pool and on trampoline 


Physical Health session
  • Physical development baselined for each child using ImPACTs (Individualised, (meaningful), Profile, Assessment, Curriculum, Target, Setting)
  • Identified age respectful physical sessions
  • Staff training on safe practice in rebound therapy


Olivia in an outdoor physical session
  • Multi-tiered approach designed to support physical development interventions across education, health and care 
  • Extension of physical outdoor play scoped for early years development and sensory sheltered sessions 
  • Staff training for aquatics sessions


Finn at a Physical health and Activity session
  • Enrichment offer responding to individual interest, choice and preference of physical activity
  • ‘Universal’ tier multidisciplinary whole school approach to physical health and activity
  • School nurse team win the ‘Burdett Prize’ for their work on physical wellbeing through rebound & outdoor physical activity 
  • Increased swimming provision


Laura at a Physical health and Activity session
  • Individualised moving and handling passport implemented
  • CPIPS (Cerebral Palsy Integrated Pathway Scotland) data collected, postural assessments completed and 24-hour postural management plans in place   
  • School development action plan ‘Get Outside And Learn – GOAL’ drives physical curricular offer to maximise physical engagement. 
  • Extended specialist approaches including weekend family swims and specialist rebound therapy sessions


Finn at a Physical health and Activity session
  • Physical wellbeing key focus area through the reshape of the reconnection and recovery curriculum 
  • Pilot of a robotic trainer offering children with complex movement disabilities the opportunity to stand, move and exercise 
  • Rebound therapy commenced following Covid-19
  • Whole site physical event ‘Parallels with a sensory 360’ took place


Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS
  • Purchased a robotic trainer 
  • Development of the physical curriculum beyond ImPACTs through the sourcing of MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education)


Laura during a physical activity session
  • Extended physical targets beyond the ImPACTs curriculum (Individualised, (meaningful), Profile, Assessment, Curriculum, Target, Setting). Sourced the MOVE programme, an activity based framework that enables more independence
  • Raised awareness and knowledge of the benefits of the MOVE programme
  • Under the Move programme, 20 of our staff trained as MOVE practitioners and 10 staff trained as MOVE senior practitioners