Indy at the project butterfly sensory story massage session

Story massage

As part of our virtual learning sessions, experience the soothing benefits of story massage, a unique blend of calming storytelling and gentle massage techniques.

These interactive activities provide a comforting and therapeutic experience for children, helping them relax and form deeper connections with those around them.

At The Children's Trust School, we are fortunate to have received direct training from the Story Massage Programme, making it an integral part of our daily routine.

Story massage is a delightful and interactive way to combine spoken word stories with positive touch, utilising 10 easy massage strokes suitable for people of all ages.

To explore more massage stories and resources, we recommend visiting the Story Massage Programme Facebook page, where they live stream these sessions, as well as their website and Vimeo channel. Let massage stories create moments of tranquillity and joy for you and your child.

Explore the Story Massage Programme

Visit the Story Massage Programme website

Explore their stories, resources and live stream events on Facebook

Watch demonstrations on their Vimeo channel