Learn to spot when a bump is a concussion

Learning to spot when a bump is a concussion

Most head injuries are not serious but bumps do happen. Our information shares the signs to look out for, and steps to take, in case your child has had a concussion.

Call 111 or GP

Seek Medical Advice

If your child has a head injury we recommend seeking medical advice as soon as possible after the injury (call 111, your GP or in an emergency 999).

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What is a concussion?

After a bump to the head, you may hear the words 'concussion' or 'mild brain injury' being used. Read our introduction, which includes the signs of concussion.

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What happens next

If symptoms persist following a bump to the head, our symptom tracker can be used six weeks after the injury.

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Longer-term advice

Symptoms after a bump to the head might last for weeks or months – this is known as post-concussion syndrome.

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Looking for further advice and support?

If your child’s symptoms persist longer than six weeks and you would like support from one of our specialists, contact our virtual ABI team.

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