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Day placements at our school

At The Children's Trust School, we offer day placements that provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for students.

Our day pupils attend school for 48 weeks, which includes 39 academic terms and an additional 9 weeks of an exciting enrichment programme.

Transportation and arrival

Day pupils are dropped off at the front of the school either by local authority-provided transport or their parents. We ensure a smooth and convenient arrival process to start the day positively.

Healthcare and therapy

The well-being of our day pupils is of utmost importance. Our dedicated Lead School Nurse plays a vital role in ensuring their health and safety. In the mornings, the school nurse provides a warm meet and greet, ensuring each child is well and capturing any necessary medical handover from home. This allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of each student's medical needs for the day. Any medications required are handed over to the nurse and stored correctly within our school medical suite, adhering to strict protocols to maintain safety.

The therapy needs of our pupils are of utmost importance. The onsite therapists, including Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs), music therapists, Occupational Therapists (OTs), and physiotherapists, oversee and support the therapy requirements of the school aged day children and young people. Those within the early years do continue with their therapy community services to ensure  a consistent approach.

Specific clinics and services

To cater to the specific needs of our day pupils, we offer various specialised clinics held on-site. These clinics include services such as wheelchair assessments, ophthalmology, and other relevant medical or therapy support. We ensure that our children have convenient access to these services without the need for additional travel or disruptions to their educational routine.

Inclusive classroom environment

Day pupils have the opportunity to learn and thrive in inclusive classroom settings alongside their peers of the same age. Whether they are day or residential students, we provide a supportive environment that fosters growth, independence, and social interaction.

Timings and lunchtime clubs

Day pupils commence their school day at 9:30am and conclude at 4pm. During the lunch period, they have the opportunity to participate in engaging lunchtime clubs that align with their interests. These clubs provide additional opportunities for rest, socialisation, skill development, and enjoyment.

Absence reporting

If a day pupil is unable to attend school, we kindly request that parents or guardians inform the school by calling our main reception. Timely communication allows us to ensure the well-being and safety of all our children and young people. 

Join our day placements

We welcome students to join our day placements at The Children's Trust School. Our dedicated staff, efficient care planning processes, and supportive environment provide a nurturing and inclusive educational experience for children with complex health needs.

To learn more about our day placements, schedule a visit, or inquire about the admission process, please contact our friendly school placement team. They are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Experience the benefits of a day placement at The Children's Trust School, where every child's potential is celebrated and quality of life achieved. 

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Day placements available

We currently have day placements available at our school and welcome children aged two to 19.

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At The Children’s Trust School we believe in recognising and nurturing the individuality of each pupil. According to our latest Ofsted report, parents agree that our school "opens up a whole new world" for its students. Our dedicated staff ensures that every child, regardless of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), experiences life in all its richness.

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For families

At The Children’s Trust, we are wholeheartedly committed to supporting parents throughout their child's educational journey. We firmly believe that fostering a strong partnership between home and school is paramount to a child's success.

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Early years

As part of our early years offering, we hold a weekly parent and child group, Taddies, for children aged 0-5, as well as age-appropriate education and activities based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum for children aged 2-5 attending our on-site nursery, Tadworth Tots.