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Partnerships and outreach

At The Children's Trust School, we believe that school improvement extends far beyond our own walls.

Challenge Partners

We collaborate with Challenge Partners to create positive change not just within our school but also with other like-minded provisions. Through knowledge exchange, we strive to enhance education for all.

In March 2022, we received well-deserved recognition for our "personal development opportunities that develop cultural capital for children with complex and multiple barriers." This area has been acknowledged as a true strength of our school.

In March 2024, we received a further area of excellence for SEND School where curriculum and meaningful and age respectful learning meet.

Read our Quality Assurance review report 2022 from Challenge Partners

Read our Quality Assurance review report 2024 from Challenge Partners

We take great pride in our innovative approach to personal development, which aims to enrich the cultural capital of children facing complex and multiple barriers. Our dedicated program empowers children, broadening their horizons and granting them access to a range of new, meaningful experiences.

We warmly welcome professionals, families, schools and like-minded provisions to join us in embracing and promoting cultural capital and enrichment. By working together, we can create a brighter future for all students.

Find out more about Challenge Partners, and both areas of excellence.

Knowledge exchange opportunities

Music Hub Partnerships 

Through partnerships with renowned music provisions like Sounds Of Intent and our own creation, CedarSuperSound, our students are offered unique and transformative musical experiences. Music education's significance is highlighted within the article The Importance of Music Education at The Children's Trust School in the winter edition of the PMLD Link, and showcased at the prestigious Richard Hirstwood Sensory Festival.

Sensory Accessible Art

Art plays a vital role in our programme, and we organise sensory art festivals and ongoing projects that encourage self-expression and creativity. The school’s dedication to this area has earned us recognition, shortlisting us for the esteemed National Association Special Schools Breaking Barriers Award in 2022.

Join us in nurturing cultural capital

Experience the difference at The Children's Trust School as we continue to enrich lives and break barriers through our cultural capital and enrichment programme. Together, let's shape a brighter future for every child.

For details please contact Franz Allard for music queries or Sarah Townsend for accessible art queries.

Professional Showcase Open Days

We regularly welcome professionals to join our Professional Showcase open days to learn more about our specialist education, health, therapy and care provision for children aged 2-19 with complex needs.

These open days provide the perfect opportunity to:

  • hear more about our specialist education curriculum from early years through to sixth form
  • experience what day-to-day life is like at The Children’s Trust School
  • explore our therapy offer
  • enjoy live demonstrations of some of the specialist equipment and technology available to support pupils, including Eye Gaze, the magic carpet and robotics
  • learn more about our dedicated on-site nursing and medical provision
  • tour our site, school and associated residential houses.

These events are suitable for parents and families considering a place at The Children’s Trust School as well as professionals involved in the education or care of a child with complex needs including social workers, portage teams, case managers, and commissioners.

Professionals interested in visiting the school can please register your intertest via our online form to find out about future events. 

Register for future school events for professionals

Royal Opera House partnership

We have established a meaningful partnership with the Royal Opera House (ROH) as part of the Impact of Learning generation 6 cohort. In this collaboration, the cohort engages in a shared leadership challenge and benefits from personalised mentoring and coaching by influential figures in the fields of education and culture. This initiative empowers participants to become advocates for arts and cultural learning.

As a result of this program, we are actively working with the ROH to pilot specialised training aimed at increasing awareness about the needs of individuals with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). The goal is to enhance inclusivity in arts and cultural learning.