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Music education

Music Education is a cornerstone of the School’s commitment to providing enriching and inclusive learning experiences.

As a Music Mark School for three consecutive years, we take pride in our unwavering dedication to excellence in Music Education for all. Within our designated Music Hub, our committed Sounds of Intent practitioners orchestrate an inclusive approach to music education that embraces every child's unique abilities and fosters a love for music.

Continuous growth and exploration

Growth and exploration define our young people’s musical journey at The Children's Trust School. Creating music with pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities is a specialist skill, requiring practitioners to radically rethink their approaches to communication, lesson design, implementation and evaluation. As a result, our commitment extends to delivering a dynamic and evolving music curriculum that not only promotes curiosity and creativity but also addresses the unique challenges and strengths of our students. Offering a diverse array of musical experiences, including exploration of both real and virtual instruments, adapted playing techniques and immersion in various genres and rich music culture, we strive to foster a lifelong passion for music along with a holistic sense of wellbeing.

Individualised learning

All staff delivering Music Education are trained Sounds of Intent practitioners, ensuring a consistent and informed approach. The Sounds of Intent framework guides our understanding of each student's musical development, focusing on three key domains which allow for a comprehensive assessment of progress:

  • Reactive (listen & respond)
  • Proactive (creating and controlling sounds)
  • Interactive (connecting and communicating through music).

Progress is mapped from early levels to more advanced stages, guiding future planning and ensuring each young person has motivating and achievable musical targets. By setting these personalised targets, the team ensures a tailored and meaningful musical journey for every student.

Multi-sensory engagement

Embracing the universality of music, we ensure inclusivity through a personalised multi-sensory approach and by adapting key elements of music education. From hands-on instrumental activities to immersive sessions using technology, we create an inclusive environment where every student can actively engage with music and feels valued in their contributions. We understand the importance of a supportive and inclusive learning environment that champions each student's unique strengths and preferences, enabling them to actively engage with and benefit from the enriching power of music.

Collaborative music-making

Recognising music as a collaborative art, we joyfully embrace the experience of making music together. Our students actively engage in weekly group activities, participate in ensemble performances during festivals and contribute to collaborative projects. Whether they are working on instrumental covers, exploring diverse genres, or co-creating original compositions as members of our School band CedarSuperSound, we strive to cultivate a strong sense of community and shared achievement through music-making.

Moreover, we acknowledge that excellent music education thrives on a partnership between classroom and specialist teachers, professional performers and various organisations, including those from the arts, charity and voluntary sectors (DfE, 2012). Thus, during our multi-sensory Summer Festivals and enrichment weeks, we readily invite musicians, dancers and performers to connect with our young people, offering them the opportunity to experience live performances and foster their sense of belonging.

In the past, we've forged fruitful partnerships with Drake Music, Trinity College London, Resonant Tails, Sounds of Intent, Adam Ockelford and Sophie Gray (Music for the Brain). These collaborations have been enriching and we warmly welcome future connections and associations.

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Our Curriculum guidance

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