Olivia at our Accessible Arts Day

Virtual learning

Welcome to Virtual Learning. Our wide range of activities caters to the diverse needs and interests of all our learners.

Thoughtfully divided into various sections, each designed to provide age respectfulness and engaging experiences, our virtual learning offer is accessible to both families and learners staying on our Residential School Houses. Let's embark on a learning journey of interactive education and fun together!

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Sensory based cooking ingredients

Sensory-based cooking classes

Embark on a culinary adventure with our sensory-based virtual learning cooking experiences, specially designed to engage all the senses and make cooking a delightful and inclusive experience for children of all abilities.

Finn at a making music workshop

Making music

As part of The Children's Trust School, virtual learning programme, we have collaborated with Sounds of Intent to create easy to follow music cards.

Paolo at our Colourscape 2023 musical activities session

Musical activities

Find a variety of engaging activities centred around music as part of our virtual learning offer. Feel free to use your favourite songs for these sessions; the ones we've suggested are simply a guide.

Kenny at a sensory activities session

Sensory activities

In our sensory-based activities you will find a diverse collection of virtual learning experiences that allow for sensory exploration, ranging from pamper sessions to the making of homemade goo.

Accessible arts activities using light and materials

Accessible art activities

Unlock your creativity with our virtual programme of accessible art activities. At The Children's Trust School, we firmly believe that art should be inclusive and available to all.

Arts Festival Regeneration Drama of Fire Bird as a sensory story

Sensory stories

Immerse yourself in the magical world of sensory stories, where interactive narratives engage the senses and promote multi-sensory exploration. Download our activities as part of our virtual learning programme.

Indy at the project butterfly sensory story massage session

Story massage

As part of our virtual learning sessions, experience the soothing benefits of story massage, a unique blend of calming storytelling and gentle massage techniques.