Olivia in a Rebound therapy session


Our multidisciplinary team of therapists are located on site and work within the residential homes and school during the day, providing holistic therapy provision.

The school therapy team includes physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, multi-disciplinary team technicians, as well as a specialist assistive technology team, a health play specialist, activities and leisure lead and a moving and handling advisor.

Effective multi-disciplinary working is an absolute strength of the school. The well organised approach to delivering therapy ensures pupils quality of life is at the heart of all the school does.

Ofsted November 2022.

The therapy team work closely with the team around each child. Individualised therapy is provided for each child as outlined within their education, health and care plan. As well as individualised therapy the team also offer whole school working, delivering training and support within classrooms and a range of different groups.   We work to enhance every child’s participation and quality of life.

Our therapies

Aquatic therapy and swimming

Our on-site aquatic therapy centre offers the opportunity for children to work on physical skills, recover from surgery and receive specialist respiratory or tracheostomy support whilst in the water. With a built in sound system, sensory lights, waterproof switches and specialist equipment to support a range of needs, the pool gives all children an individualised experience. Sessions are planned according to goals, recognising the unique sensory environment, communication opportunities and movement experiences in the water. All children swim at least once per week supported by school swim leads, with enhanced training delivered by our physiotherapy team, or during a physiotherapy led swim.

Rebound therapy

We have an onsite specialist rebound therapy trampoline. Sessions are offered in blocks across different school terms. Sessions are supported by our physiotherapists and health play specialists. Specialist postural equipment is used to support young people with complex postural needs and those that need to access this opportunity for therapeutic exercise, movement and recreation.


Within school, we have a large and small Innowalk Pro Robotic equipment. The Innowalk is custom-made to make movement possible for children, adolescents and adults with moderate to severe physical disabilities. Young people work on specialist goals during these sessions, supported by a physiotherapist.

Assistive technology

We have a dedicated team to support learners with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), environmental control, computer access, mounting and powered mobility. 

Postural management and daily living activities

Occupational therapists ensure that specialist equipment is in place to support safety and independence during personal care routines, such as specialist baths, toilet aids, slings, hoists and seating. A 24-hour approach to postural care is adopted, ensuring that young people have access to different positions and comfort during the day and night. Sleep systems, standing frames, walkers and comfy chairs are assessed for and monitored in school and within the residential homes.

The therapy team work with school, nurses, residential nursing and carers and the on-site respiratory team to optimise children’s health. Weekly on-site clinics underpin specialist upper limb splints and orthotic provision. 

On-site dysphagia trained speech and language therapists support children with eating and drinking, advising on food modification, textures and the lunch time environment. 

Activities and leisure

Our activities and leisure coordinator supports the young people to access  leisure and community participation. Our therapy team provide whole school and group work for enrichment weeks, after school and lunch clubs. After school clubs offered this year have included Sing and Sign, Inclusive Sports, cooking, sensory story, mindfulness, gamers club, wheelchair dancing and using our Innowalk Pro.

Mental health

The music therapists use music to work towards therapeutic goals. It is a particularly powerful intervention for those who have difficulties communicating verbally. The sessions are person-centred and tailored to the individual. The therapist will use a variety of interventions depending on the needs of the pupil and how they present in the session. 

Group music therapy sessions give the young people the opportunity to interact with peers outside of their class group, working on collective aims. 

Our full time health play specialist aims to increase opportunities for play, leisure and socialisation for well-being through training and modelling. The offer includes therapeutic play sessions; helping reduce anxiety for hospital admissions and medical interventions and improve coping and increase engagement with everyday tasks.