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Personal, Social, Wellbeing and Health Education (PSWEHB)

Through our PSWEHB offer, we are dedicated to providing and inspiring, meaningful and personalised opportunities for each child and young person to live their best quality of life. We prioritise building resilience, confidence for both physical and mental health.

We recognise that children are unique individuals and that different activities hold different values for them. Activities can bring enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasure, stimulation, relaxation, contentment or joy. We believe that participating in such activities not only improves the quality of life but also promotes good mental health and overall well-being.

To support the delivery of personalised, age-respectful interests and hobbies, we utilise happiness and well-being profiles, accompanied by individualised bags or equivalent resources. These profiles and resources ensure that each child's personal interests and preferences are considered, providing them with tailored experiences that contribute to their happiness and well-being.

Furthermore, we believe that Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) is an integral part of lifelong learning for our learners. We understand that RSE needs to be continuous, starting from the early years and extending through formal and informal learning environments. It is our belief that RSE should also extend into the home and therapeutic environments to create a holistic and comprehensive understanding of healthy relationships and personal well-being.

For a more detailed understanding of our Personal, Social, Well-being and Health Education (PSWEHB) curriculum, including its intent, implementation and impact, we encourage you to refer to The Children's Trust guidance and our RSE policy. These documents provide comprehensive information about our approach to PSWEHB and RSE, ensuring that our learners receive the necessary support and education to thrive.

Through our commitment to personalised experiences, well-being profiles and lifelong learning in RSE, we strive to empower our learners, promote positive mental health and well-being, and create the best quality of life.

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Our Curriculum guidance

Download our Curriculum guidance to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our Personal, Social, Well-being and Health Education (PSWEHB) offer, including its intent, implementation, and impact.

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