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Environmental Control Technology - ECT

We are committed to providing up-to-date, engaging and relevant Environmental Control Technology (ECT) equipment that empowers our learners. We utilise this equipment in innovative ways to enhance engagement and promote independence.

Our learners have daily access to a variety of owned and individualised assistive technology platforms including communication aids, Eyegaze systems, driving platforms and switches. These technologies are instrumental in facilitating their participation in education, daily life, play and social interactions. By incorporating assistive technology, we aim to create an inclusive environment that supports the unique needs of each learner.

Environmental Control Technology encompasses a range of devices that enable our children to learn and experience greater independence. Powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters and modified ride-on toy cars, provide opportunities for enhanced mobility and promote spatial awareness and orientation. These technologies support our learners across various subjects and routines, enriching their overall educational experience.

In addition to their integrated use, we also have discreetly timetabled sessions dedicated to specific aspects of the ECT curriculum. These sessions include activities such as 'light and dark sensory stories', smoothie making, and 'sensory mixology' (cooking) which further enhance the learning and engagement of our students.

To gain a deeper understanding of our ECT curriculum, including its intent, implementation and impact, we encourage you to refer to The Children's Trust guidance. This document provides comprehensive information about our approach to Environmental Control Technology and its benefits for our learners.

Furthermore, to ensure the online safety of our students, we have established a robust online policy and compiled an information PowerPoint. This resource outlines our school's approach to online safety, providing guidance and information for students, parents and staff. By prioritising online safety, we create a secure digital environment for all members of our school community.

Through our commitment to utilising assistive technology, providing individualised support and prioritising online safety, we aim to empower our learners and enhance their independence as well as create a nurturing inclusive educational experience and quality of life. 

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Our Curriculum guidance

Download our Curriculum guidance to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our ECT curriculum, including its intent, implementation, and impact.

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