Making music

Please read the Welcome card and familiarise yourself with the activities. Sessions should be child-centred and can be as short or long as your young person wants, anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes at a time. Try Level 1 activities first and progress from there over time but don’t worry too much about levels at this stage. Try incorporating Listening, Doing and Interacting activities in a session.

Make a note of the activities attended in one session and how your child responded. Which ones were particularly successful or not? Why?

Suggested activities are worth trying more than once even if not successful the first time around.

Some recommended accessible and easy to use musical apps if you have iPads at home: ThumbJam, DrumJam, LaunchPad, Bloom.

A small range of hand percussion would also be useful although everyday object can also make a great sound (pans, coins, boxes, tubs, tins etc.).

Please feel free to email Franz or Scott with any music related queries.

Useful links

Sounds of Intent:

Improvise Approach:

Little Amber:

Amber Plus:

Download an introduction to Music Cards

Download music making ideas for families and carers

Download resources for PMLD SLD pupils using iPads

Download The Childrens Trust Music Cards

Download the toolkit to help you to explore sensory and inclusive Music Making