Arts Festival Regeneration Drama of Fire Bird as a sensory story

Sensory stories

Immerse yourself in the magical world of sensory stories, where interactive narratives engage the senses and promote multi-sensory exploration. Download our activities as part of our virtual learning programme.

From tactile elements to auditory cues, these stories offer an inclusive storytelling experience that develops the imagination and brings the tales to life for our young people.

In this section, you'll find a wide range of age-appropriate stories, each paired with sensory stimuli to create a truly enchanting, meaningful experience. Additionally, we provide a list of alternative resources that you can explore right at home.

For more information on the benefits of sensory stories, we invite you to follow this link to Joanna Grace's 'The Sensory Project.' Discover the wonders of sensory storytelling and let the story unfold for you and your child!

More information on the benefits of sensory stories by Joanna Grace


Sensory stories activities

Download: Bear Hunt Tactile Exploration Story

Download: Cinderella

Download: Coronavirus Sensory Story

Download: Easter story

Download: Ideas for alternative Sensory Story resources at home

Download: Jack and the flumflum tree

Download: Leaf Man

Download: Little Seed

Download: Paper dolls

Download: Rainy day

Download: The Owl and the Pussy cat

Download: The Sound Collector

Download: The Turtle Relaxation Story

Download: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Download: Windy Mindy - adapted for home David Walliams