Early years

We offer education, care and therapy to children from the age of three. Our early year's pupils are offered age-appropriate education and activities based on our specially-developed curriculum. The admissions process is the same as for older children. Please see our Admissions and Enquiries section for further information.

Taddies parent-child group

Taddies is a weekly run parent and child group for children aged 0-5 years old who have additional needs.  Taddies offers a warm, welcome to families and children and provides support and planned opportunities to learn through play and fun. Our two hour multi-sensory sessions are organised by experienced staff from The Children’s Trust School, offered on a weekly basis on an alternate day pattern (Friday/Thursday/Friday) for parents/carers to attend with their child. Learning is planned using Early Years Foundation Stage prime areas to develop and promote the following:
  • Identity and belonging;
  • Communication;
  • Exploring and thinking;
  • Well-being.
Staff engage with the children and parents through a variety of sensory activities including messy play, soft play, musical fun, cooking, water and sand play and regular learning through routines of free flow activities both indoors and outdoors. We record experiences of those who attend to capture the learning and progress that they make. In all of the planned sessions the golden thread of safeguarding is paramount to all experiences and activities. Please contact the Deputy Headteacher Miss Launa Randles for further information:  or telephone 01737 365810
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