Employee volunteering

The Children's Trust truly is a unique place, and the positive atmosphere created by the children we support is contagious and it is for this reason many of our volunteers support us year after year.

Previous partners have created beautiful gardens, organised Christmas parties and performed pantomimes for the children and their families to enjoy. Some companies have offered their professional skills to us, including marketing, web and IT services, and others come to The Children's Trust to learn new skills themselves.

Some recent volunteering activities companies have taken part in with us include:

Gardening challenges – Helping us to maintain our 25 acre site and provide a lovely space for the young people.

The Apprentice challenge – Put your negotiation skills to the test and try to source items that are needed by The Children’s Trust. They will help us to increase our fundraising income at events.

Top of the Shops challenge – Working as a team you will take over one of charity shops for the day and help increase income.

Get in touch

If you would like to hear more about employee volunteering contact Tracy Poulton on 01737 365000 or by email getinvolved@thechildrenstrust.org.uk