Real stories

Stroke: Sofia-Rose

Five-year-old Sofia-Rose had a stroke at birth but faces challenges with a smile on her face and enjoys school, fashion and spreading awareness. Mum Sarah shares their story.

Stroke: Elizabeth

At the age of 13, Elizabeth collapsed following a severe headache. She had suffered a stroke. Five years on, her mum, Danielle, talks about the impact on the family.

Stroke: Connor, part 2

Connor Lynes had a stroke following a rugby tackle. Since then he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of childhood stroke and brain injury.

Stroke: Harrison

Mum Marie's account of finding support and the effects of her son’s stroke at the age of six.

Stroke: Daisy, part 3

Daisy had a stroke when she was 21 months old. Now aged 12, Daisy and her mum Eileen tell us about their lives and what they enjoy.

Stroke: Harry

At the age of 16, Harry was diagnosed with a carotid artery dissection (damage to the arteries in the neck), possibly due to an old rugby injury. His mother Roz shares his story.

Stroke: Connor, part 1

Connor was 14 when a rugby tackle led to a blood clot on his brain stem and left him with a brain injury. His aunt, Sara, tells us his story.

Stroke: Bethany, part 1

Bethany suffered a stroke aged 17 while studying for her A-Levels. Now 19, she explains how it resulted in catastrophic brain injury and how stroke can affect younger people.

Stroke: Bethany, part 2

Bethany, from Bedfordshire, was 17 when she suffered a stroke leaving her with a brain injury. In this Q&A, she talks about her experience.