Three reasons to support us

Three reasons to support The Children's Trust. 

A short film telling the stories of Ollie, Justin and Alfie - three of the children we have worked with. Click here to find out how you can help us reach even more children and families.

Transcription of our 'Three Reasons' video:

"Every day the Children’s Trust makes life worth living for some of the most severely disabled children in the UK. Some children become disabled suddenly as a result of an accident or illness. For those children, we can help them rebuild their shattered lives; we give their families hope. Others may be born with their disabilities – we give these children the chance to live life to the full with the very best therapy, education and nursing care. But we can’t do this without the help of fundraisers and donors. From right across the UK, here are just three reasons why you should support The Children’s Trust. "Oliver was sitting having tea with his brother and sister when he was about 18 months old, and reached across the table, grabbed some grapes, put several in his mouth and choked on it immediately and suffered severe brain damage. At the Children’s Trust, we had intensive therapy every day and Oliver stayed overnight. We did things like taught him to eat again, he had a feeding tube for several months and he had to learn to drink first of all and then to eat, swallow safely. We used the multi-sensory room in the house, most days we went in there and he loves music, loved the music and the lights and when he was getting his sight back, that was really, really important. "He’s still improving every day, he can stand holding on to a couple of fingers, he’s trying to step so we’re hoping that he will walk at some stage and he’s just really full of beans. Without The Children’s Trust, I just can’t say how much progress he would have made. I really worry that if we hadn’t been here, he would of not have made anything like the progress that he did. "The staff were fantastic, they couldn’t have done more to help; absolute professionals and they were extremely kind which we really appreciated, absolutely super. I would say it’s a fantastic place and it needs all the support that it can get because there are very few places for children with an injury like Oliver’s. "Justin was born with kidney failure – that was the only problem he had. He came home when he was about eight months old, we had to do dialysis at home and when he was about two, he had a kidney from my husband and we thought everything was going to be fine. Three months later, he had a seizure and I had to resuscitate him, and they realised the next day that he had water on the brain which was a whole other new problem. He was in hospital a lot for a long time and one of the nurses actually mentioned The Children’s Trust and I hadn’t heard of The Children’s Trust before that. "Since he’s come to the Trust, we’ve been able to see him as much as we like, it’s a very good school and he gets physio a lot, he can now speak and he can crawl and he’s doing really well. The Children’s Trust is going to train us so we will be able to take care of him ourselves, in the next few months we should be able to take him home alone and if we need them, they will be at the end of the phone line. "There’s all the help here that you need to get through the difficult times you go through sometimes, when things happen to your children that you don’t expect, so you can get all the help you need here. "When I was ten, I was outside my house riding my bike and I crossed the road and I got run over, I got knocked off my bike. When I first came to The Children’s Trust, the doctors in the hospital thought that I wouldn’t live, and if I lived, I would just be a vegetable. So, coming to the Trust, has helped me a lot as you can see. The Trust helped me to walk, talk, see, run, swim and I learnt to ride my bike again. The Trust, when I was leaving, bought me a bike, as a goodbye present. "There is nowhere else like The Children’s Trust, and with your help, we can reach out and help even more children and families. We can change even more lives. Why not join us and show your support?"

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