Real stories

Brain tumour: Tyler

Tyler was in primary school when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour – but some difficulties only became more apparent as she got older.

Road traffic accident: Mark and Ryan

In July 2013 Ryan Smith, 16, from Lincolnshire was hit by a van as he was cycling to work. Dad Mark talks about his life changing brain injury.

Road traffic accident: Alfie

At the age of 10, Alfie Russell had rehabilitation following a car accident. The following is from his speech at an event where the audience included HRH The Duke of Cambridge.

AVM: Lewis

In 2015 Lewis Houlihan suffered a brain injury as a result of an AVM. Now on work experience for The Children’s Trust, he shares his rehabilitation story.

Stroke: Harry

At the age of 16, Harry was diagnosed with a carotid artery dissection (damage to the arteries in the neck), possibly due to an old rugby injury. His mother Roz shares his story.

Abscess: Rhodri

At age seven Rhodri was misdiagnosed as ‘not’ having an ear infection; the infection went on to cause a brain abscess on the temporal lobe. Mum Clare shares their experience.