Real stories

Anxiety through Covid

Kavita had a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage in 2015. She now uses her experience to support others with brain injuries through blogging and giving motivational talks in schools and for charity.

Becoming a mum after brain injury

Becki was 14 when she sustained a brain injury after being knocked down. She talks candidly about how her brain injury affected her periods, relationships and starting a family.

Ten tips to aid memory

Young people, and their parents, share the tips that helped them with memory loss after a brain injury.

Getting the best sleep possible

Children with brain injury can experience difficulties with their sleep routine, which can affect their fatigue levels. Our therapist shares tips for sleep hygiene.

Fatigue is still with me..

Rebekah, now 23, had a brain tumour when she was 15. She’s written a blog for Action for Brain Injury Week 2019 about living with fatigue.