Real stories

Top tips for managing fatigue

For Action for Brain Injury Week 2019 parents tell us how fatigue affects their child and share their advice on what can help.

Fatigue is still with me..

Rebekah, now 23, had a brain tumour when she was 15. She’s written a blog for Action for Brain Injury Week 2019 about living with fatigue.

Brain tumour: Ethan, part 2

Ethan had brain injury rehabilitation after a brain tumour in 2014 and returned for further residential rehabilitation in 2019. Mum Tina talks about Ethan’s therapy, school and friendships.

Epilepsy: Addison, part 2

Katie, mum of Addison, shared her story of her daughter’s epilepsy and brain injury when she'd just turned three. Addie is now nearly seven years old – Katies shares an update.

Stroke: Connor, part 2

Connor Lynes had a stroke following a rugby tackle. Since then he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of childhood stroke and brain injury.

Seizure: Chloe

Following her brain injury Chloe spent a year in hospital then had residential rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust. Mum Sara looks back at their hospital experience and shares Chloe’s progress.