Real stories

Fall: Emma

In September 2019, teenager Emma fainted at her local GP surgery. Emma hit her head and was immediately admitted to hospital. Mum Joanna shares their story, with help from Emma.

Sports: Spike

In April 2021 Spike had a serious skateboarding accident, falling headfirst into a wall. Mum Carrie shares their story.

Fall: Milo

In July 2017, Milo and another child collided during playtime, banging their heads together at speed. Mum Verity shares their story.

Fall: Josef

Josef was 12 years old when he suffered a brain injury after falling off his scooter. Mum Carlie tells us what happened.

Fall: Layton-kane

Mum Amy talks about the effects of her son’s brain injury after he fell at the age of three.