Real stories

Fall: Valentina

In October 2019 Valentina fell forwards off the banister in her family home. Mum Janine shares their story.

Encephalitis: Harry

Harry had his first seizure in September 2016. They continued, becoming more physical, until Harry was diagnosed with Rasmussen Encephalitis in summer 2017. Mum Nikki shares their story.

Millie's incredible journey

As Millie celebrates her milestone birthday, mum Sam reflects on the past 18 years and talks about Millie's complex medical needs, therapies and support at The Children's Trust School.

Encephalitis: Henry

Henry was diagnosed with encephalitis at the age of four. Mum Andrea talks about changes in his behaviour following his brain injury and seeking support.

Encephalitis: Blair

Many diseases can mimic encephalitis, making it hard to diagnose. Mum Sophie explains what this meant for her three-year-old daughter and shares Blair’s progress at The Children’s Trust and back home.

Fighting for our children

Joanna is mum to 7-year-old Sebby who has an undiagnosed disability. Her blog covers the challenges they face regarding access, schooling and friendships – but also the positives for the family.