Anxiety through Covid

Kavita had a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage in 2015. She now uses her experience to support others with brain injuries through blogging and giving motivational talks in schools and for charity.



Published: 25 September 2020

Being a brain injury survivor puts me into an extremely vulnerable category. Not because I may catch what is going around quicker – which is also a frightening though, but it’s the whole anxiety that surrounds it. What if I get ill? What if I go to a place and someone there has it and passes to me? What If I touch something and I catch it? What if I don’t wash my hands properly? All these What if’s?

Then even though I have washed my hands thoroughly, I then go back and do it again because I’ve forgotten! Basically, when anything happens it gets heightened because of my anxiety from the side effect of a brain haemorrhage, it just makes me so very nervous. I have said many times that there are many levels of brain injury and different spectrums, many people don’t voice what they are thinking so sometimes I feel a little responsible to just put it out there.

I was speaking to a friend and explained my thoughts and what was going through my head in terms of not wanting to go out and finding it difficult when I did due to all the questions going around in my head – her reply was simple. Whether you have a brain a injury or not – everyone is actually feeling this way. Well this just put my mind at ease because for me leaving the house is like a military operation:

Mask - check

Hand sanitizer - check

Gloves - check

Tissues - check

Phone - check

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