Leaving a legacy

Leaving a gift in your Will helps to ensure we are here for future generations of children who need our expert services in rehabilitation, education, therapy and care.

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The Children’s Trust was founded on a Legacy

Caring for children at Tadworth Court in Surrey, began in 1927 when Mr Peter Reid left a legacy of £20,000 to create a country branch of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH). Mr Reid could not have anticipated what his gift would go on to achieve.

By 1983 GOSH could no longer sustain their country branch and it was threatened with closure. But, thanks to a high profile campaign including local MP’s, staff and families the organisation was saved, and since 1984 we have been an independent charity known as The Children’s Trust.

Imagine what your legacy could achieve in years to come?

Legacies really do make a huge difference. Quite simply we would not survive and grow without the thoughtfulness of those who plan ahead and leave gifts in their Wills. With your gift, we can continue to be there for the children who need us.

Writing your will

Without a Will, the Government decides on how your estate and money will be distributed, and unlikely to be as you wish. Making a Will is something we should all do. It protects your family, and those who depend on you, and ultimately reduces the distress to your family and friends at a difficult time.

Writing a Will is very simple to do. After deciding on how your estate is to be distributed, you are strongly advised to seek professional assistance with writing a valid Will, by contacting either a solicitor or professional Will writer.

Part of the process of writing a Will is to appoint executors (usually family or friends), so it is advisable to let your chosen executors know about the contents of your Will.

We’ve partnered with Free Wills Network to offer you a free Will writing service. For more information please speak to our supporter care team or email legacy@thechildrenstrust.org.uk.

Types of Legacy - three main types:

Residuary legacy: A percentage of the remainder of your estate, once all other gifts have been distributed and outgoings deducted. This is the most valuable gift you can leave to The Children’s Trust, as it increases in value over time.

Pecuniary legacy: A fixed sum of money (the value of which can decrease over time, as the cost of living increases).

Specific legacy: A specific item such as a property, stocks and shares or a piece of jewellery.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

IHT rules regularly change, to find out the latest guidelines and the current threshold, visit the HM Revenue and Customs or call the Inheritance Tax and Probate Helpline on 0300 123 1072 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

Tax Efficient Giving

Giving to charity can reduce the inheritance tax on your estate. The Institute of Fundraising publishes guidelines on tax efficient giving, so take a look at their website.

Get in touch

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will, call our supporter care team on 01737 364 349 or email legacy@thechildrenstrust.org.uk

Have your Will written for free

We know how important it is to have your intentions recorded accurately. So in partnership with The National Free Wills Network we are helping our supporters to have a simple Will (or Mirror Will) written or amended for free. 

How it works: 

  1. Register your interest by contacting our supporter care team on 01737 364349 or emailing legacy@thechildrenstrust.org.uk 
  2. You’ll receive a pack with everything you need, including information about participating firms in your local area. 
  3. Choose your solicitor and arrange for your Will to be written or updated. Remember to take the voucher from your pack with you. 

Many people who use the free service choose to leave a gift to charity. We hope your special connection with The Children’s Trust may inspire you to remember us. But there is no obligation to do so. As The Children’s Trust is covering the cost, the number of free Wills is limited and subject to availability.

Sharing your legacy intentions

Your Will is obviously a very personal matter; however, should you wish to share your intentions with us we would love to hear from you. You can let us know your intentions by emailing legacy@thechildrenstrust.org.uk.

Come and visit The Children's Trust

We are very proud of what we do and love to show our supporters around. So, why not come and visit, to see first-hand how gifts in Wills make a difference to the lives of children with brain injuries and multiple disabilities. To arrange a visit contact our supporter care team on 01737 364349 or email legacy@thechildrenstrust.org.uk 

Explore more

Have any questions? Contact our legacy team or take a look at our leaving a legacy frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Arthur ringing the going home bell at The Children's Trust

How legacy donations make a difference

Leaving a gift in your Will, no matter the size, will help us to continue to provide specialist rehabilitation, education and community services across the UK, helping children and young people with brain injury and neurodisability the opportunity to live the best life possible. Find out how legacies have impacted our services.