Books on brain injury

Our series of free books and resources aimed at children and families (P&P costs only).

Parent's handbook

Acquired Brain Injury in Children: a handbook for families

A guide for families of children with brain injury, with information and practical advice. 

The book covers the different stages of acquired brain injury: being at hospital, rehabilitation, the return home, education and transition to adulthood. 

It features stories of real families who share their insights at each stage of the journey.

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Sponsored by: Irwin Mitchell

Me and my brain

Me and my brain: a handbook for teenagers affected by acquired brain injury  

Whether you’re a teenager with a brain injury or their friend – or a parent or teacher – this book has been created to give you some help along the way.  It is split into sections that cover areas including how the brain works, effects of brain injury, memory and attention, fatigue and tiredness, school, university and further education, confidence, alcohol, becoming more independent and driving. 

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Concussion booklet

Concussion in children and young people: a guide for families, teachers and sports coaches 

This booklet and pocket card pack (available singly or as a multipack) covers what a concussion is, symptoms, tips, recovery, returning to school and sports, post-concussion syndrome and concussion in babies and toddlers. A pocket card provides facts, symptoms and advice. 

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School booklet

Acquired brain injury in children: a guide for teachers and school staff 

This booklet and pocket card pack (available singly or as a multipack) covers acquired brain injury and its effects and how a child can be supported when they return to school. It includes strategies to use and common effects including fatigue, memory, movement difficulties and behavioural issues. A pocket card provides facts, symptoms and advice.

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The Step-by-step Cookbook

Our cookbook contains 16 easy-read recipes, making cooking simpler by including tips, symbols and tick-off instructions. It’s a book for everyone but especially helpful for children and young people to use following a brain injury and for people of all ages who have additional physical or learning needs.  

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Heads Up, Tim-TronTim Tron cover

Written for any young readers who’d like to know more about acquired brain injury, Tim-Tron’s story explains the condition by placing it in a world of mechanical marvels.

This lavish picture book is full of practical ideas to help children, their siblings, friends (and maybe some parents) understand and manage brain injury.

Hand-painted by award-winning children’s illustrator Garry Parsons, the book includes a link to a free download of an audiobook narrated by television presenter Richard Hammond. Download the audiobook below!

The book comes with a free parents and teachers guide.

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Download your free audiobook by Richard Hammond

Television star and Ambassador of The Children's Trust Richard Hammond has recorded an exclusive audiobook of Heads Up, Tim-Tron. Richard Hammond

You can read along with Richard after these simple steps:

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Download: Heads Up, Tim-Tron audio

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