Ethan with mum

Ethan's story

When Ethan was diagnosed with a brain tumour our lives turned upside down, explains mum Tina.

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"The operation to remove a grade five tumour went well, but later Ethan developed 'cerebellar mutism' and 'posterior fossa syndrome' – he couldn't speak and didn't have any control over his body.

Ethan was having chemo, physio and rehab, in between 12 operations. I was with him 24/7, learning as I went. 

You want to help your child but you've never done it before, not like this. That struck me at The Children's Trust, the staff supported me just as much as they supported Ethan. I found it difficult to leave Ethan, and when we arrived I was surprised by The Children's Trust staff telling me to go for a cup of tea. I didn't really know how to leave him. Ethan too was anxious. He didn't want to be away from home any more. But I stayed in the parent's accommodation which was fantastic, and we drove home every weekend.

Because of the location of the tumour, Ethan became reluctant to use his voice and found eating difficult. Knowing that he liked marshmallows the therapy team hid them for him to find, so that he was having fun while pushing himself. 

Ethan meets Richard Hammond

Whereas I would have done things for Ethan, staff knew what he was capable of and made him do it himself. Gradually he grew stronger and stronger. Ethan is back at school now, and his friends stick him in goal because his wheelchair keeps the goals out. It is without doubt the all-round support that Ethan received at The Children's Trust that made all the difference to his future. 

Ethan at The Children's Trust

Ethan added: “They have everything you need at The Children's Trust, but they just need a roll through KFC.”

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