Help us shine a light on brain injury and neurodisability

Here at The Children’s Trust, we continue to support children and young people living with a brain injury or neurodisability, and we know just how different it can be for every family. We want to bring together all those who have been supported by us to create a collection of photographs that highlights these differences, sharing as many individual stories as we can. 

To take part, all you need to do is send us a few photos (minimum of two) that best represent your family’s journey by Sunday 28th March 2021. These photos can reflect your time at The Children’s Trust or something that has happened since, but each one should illustrate a special moment that helps tell your story. 

The photos will be presented in an online gallery, accessible to everyone, so we can showcase as many stories as possible. We may also use a number of the photos in a physical exhibition next year, but this will very much depend on the government guidelines at the time, and we cannot confirm any details on this yet. We hope to share more about this with you at a later date.  

How to send us your photos

Photos can be sent digitally to The Children’s Trust via the form below. Please try and ensure that all photos are saved as a JPEG file and are at least 1MB in size.

Charly Ralph
The Children's Trust
Tadworth Court, 
Tadworth, Surrey
KT20 5RU

Please note that as part of this project The Children’s Trust may use your photos in publications, press releases, social media, or any other way chosen to promote the exhibition and organisation. Before sending us your photos please get permission from everyone featured in them.

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