Research strategy

In 2014 we launched an exciting new strategy in which research plays a key role. Our ambition is to become an internationally-recognised centre for research. Vision for research Children and young people with brain injuries will benefit from programmes of care, therapy and education that have been developed through high quality, evidence-based research enabling them to lead fuller lives. Research mission To be recognised nationally and internationally as a leading research centre specialising in developing clinical and education research programmes for the benefit of children and young people with brain injuries. Goals Our research team aims to.
  • Develop the evidence base for children and young people with brain injuries.
  • Develop methods of describing rehabilitation interventions and measuring outcomes.
  • Support and develop multi-disciplinary professionals in undertaking clinical research.
  • Disseminate research findings and evidence based practice to national and international audiences.
  • Monitor research activity.
  • Establish a research culture ensuring delivery of evidence based interventions.
  • Establish comprehensive information resources specialising in the areas of brain injuries, multiple disabilities and complex health needs.
  • Establish and maintain research partnerships with external organisations.
You can find out more about our research projects and publications and presentations in this section of our website.
The Children’s Trust Research Advisory Committee Progress Report April 2017
Research Advisory CommitteeResearch Advisory Committee