Our research projects

We're currently working on a range of projects that reflect our ambitions to become an internationally recognised centre for research

You can view research summaries of each of our projects by following the links below:

Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation in gait rehabilitation young people with ABI
Mobility difficulties and altered walking patterns are very common following a brain injury. These can challenge a young person’s access to their home, school and the community, as well as.... [read more]

Research Portfolio

We currently have 19 projects in our portfolio reflecting the following principles:

The Children's Trust works with partners to answer the big questions
We are currently working on four projects with partners in universities in the UK and USA and Australia on collaborative projects to answer some of the big questions in children's brain injury research

The Children's Trust listens to children and their families
We have three projects that demonstrate our commitment to working collaboratively with our children and families

The Children's Trust monitors service development and quality improvement
We currently have three projects that involve an evidence based approach to service development and quality improvement

The Children's Trust monitors outcomes and clinical effectiveness
We currently have seven projects examining some of the outcome measures we are currently using to evaluate the impact of our intervention

The Children's Trust evaluates our ongoing interventions
We have two projects that investigate specific interventions with our particular group of children at The Children's Trust

The Children's Trust supports post-graduate study
We have the opportunity to build our research capacity through staff engaging in post-graduate study. Three members of staff are engaged in research through their studies and six have completed in recent years

Recruiting to external studies and steering committees
We support academic colleagues outside of The Children's Trust by supporting recruitment to their studies and by accepting invitations to be part of the steering committees

The Children’s Trust Research Governance Committee Progress Report 2020

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