Humphrey's Pyjama Week

  • Humphrey's Pyjama Week is a fun-filled fundraising activity for young children to take part in. For a voluntary donation of £2 per child, children can wear their pyjamas for the day and participate in a number of fun and educational themed activities, whilst raising funds for The Children's Trust. The Children’s Trust has teamed up with the popular pre-school brand, Humphrey’s Corner to create bespoke activities for children to take part in. Register today for your free Humphrey’s Pack and we will send you an endearing story booklet; ‘Humphrey’s Special Day’, all about Humphrey going to visit Frankie, who has hurt his head, an activity book for each child, stickers, certificates and a poster to promote your fundraising. If you have any queries regarding this event, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 01737 365017. You can also visit our Facebook and Twitter sites for more information.
  • We love hearing about all of the wonderful things our supporters get up to during their Humphrey's Pyjama Weeks to raise some more money and have more fun! We have listed below some things to keep in mind leading up to your PJ Week, and some additional fundraising ideas that you might like to organise. Don't Forget!
    • You will need to inform all parents and guardians in advance that you are taking part in Humphrey's Pyjama Week. If you have a newsletter or parent mail, make sure to put a note there so they can prepare the PJ's! You can download our handy poster  to publicise that you are taking part, you will receive a copy of this in your pack also. Click here to download  HCC-CT14-PJWeekPoster.pdf.
    • To let the children get creative! Ask the children what they would like to do in their PJ's and they might be able to come up with some their own fundraising activities!
    • To download the additional materials we have avaliable on the 'Humphrey's Pack' page.
    Decide what extra activities you want to hold! We have listed below some of our favourites that others have done before:
    • Hold a tea party! Find some of Humphrey's favourite recipes on our 'Tea Party Recipes' page!
    • Invite children to bring in their bedtime stories to read in their pyjamas.
    • Invite children to bring in their favourite teddy to join them in their pyjamas for the day!
    • Play sleeping lions.
    • Hold a colouring competition
    • Hold a bake sale - you could even sell hot chocolate and marshmellows to make a bit more cash!
  • Children's Tea Party Recipes

    Holding a tea party for Humphrey's Pyjama Week? We have got together some of Humphrey's favourite family recipes that you can use!

    Click on the delicious treats below to see the recipes to make your own.

    Humphrey's favourite jam tarts!

    To make Humphrey’s favorite jam tarts you will need to place 250g of plain flour, 100g of butter and a pinch of salt into a large clean mixing bowl, rubbing the butter and flour with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Bind the mixture with 2-3 tbsp of cold water and wrap in clingfilm to chill for 15-30 minutes. Roll out pastry on a floured work surface and cut 12 circles using a cutter or cup. Lightly grease a 12 hole tart mould with a little butter and press each pastry circle into a mould. Finally, place a heaped teaspoon of jam or lemon curd into the pastry lined tins and oven bake at 180°C/Gas 4 for 15 minutes or until pastry is golden brown.

    Humphrey’s Granny’s shortbread biscuits

    To make Humphrey's Granny's delicious shortbread biscuits cream 175g of butter with 50g of caster sugar, then stir in 175g of plain flour and 50g of rice flour, and work together to form a smooth dough. Roll out between 2 pieces of greaseproof paper to about 3mm thickness and cut into shapes using a small round or heart-shaped cutter. Place on baking tray and bake 190°C/Gas 5 for 15 minutes until pale and golden. This quantity makes 20-25 biscuits. 

    Scrummy snail sandwiches 

    Sandwiches can be a bit boring, but we found making snail sandwiches was lots of fun and they taste delicious too! You can use a selection of white, wholemeal and granary bread and experiment with lots of tasty fillings. Cut the crusts off your bread, spread your fillings then rolled and cut into bite size pieces. We used Salmon pâté, jam, peanut butter, cheese spread, slices of ham, but found Nutella works best of all! 

    Deliciously fruity flapjacks 

    Place 100g butter, 50g demera sugar and 30ml golden syrup into saucepan and stir over a gentle heat until melted. Remove from the heat and stir in 150g porridge oats and 75g glace cherries (cut into halves or quarters - pieces of dried apricots or raisins are good too). Stir well, spoon into a tin and press down evenly. Bake at 180°C/Gas 4 for about 20 minutes until golden. Score the flapjack into small squares with a sharp knife and leave in the tin to cool. When cooled, tip out and cut through the slices completely and place the squares in small paper cases to serve. 

    Wibbly wobbly jellies

    If you want something quick and easy to make for your Humphrey's PJ party, why not make some wibbly, wobbly jellies? You can make them in lots of different colours, flavours and shapes. What party would be complete without jelly and ice-cream?   Got any recipes you use for your tea party that you want to share with us? Feel free to send us them to us  or tweet us @childrens_trust!
  • Each nursery or school that takes part in Humphrey’s Pyjama Week will receive an adorable FREE event pack, including:
    • A poster to advertise your pyjama party
    • A sticker for each child
    • A certificate for each child
    • Humphrey’s Corner activity booklet for each child
    • An endearing story booklet; ‘Humphrey’s Special Day’, all about Humphrey going to visit Frankie, who has hurt his head. 
    • A teachers pack full of ideas for your Humphrey's Pyjama Week
    You can also download the following to help make your party more fun: If you have a high number of children taking part the packs may be too large to be posted  through a letterbox. If you are not in to collect your packs, you may get a note to pick it up – please do look out for this! If you have not received your pack by mid September or if you have any other queries regarding your event pack, please contact us .
  • You've taken part in Humphrey's Pyjama Week, and now you want to make your donation. Here's how to do it! There are several ways you can pay in your donations: Cheque: You can by cheque, made payable to The Children's Trust. Please send it to us at Humphrey's PJ Week, The Children's Trust, Tadworth Court, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 5RU. Cash: Please count cash (with a witness present) and either pay in to the bank to send using an alternative method, or bring it directly to The Children's Trust. Please do not send any cash in the post. BACS: Or you can pay by bank transfer - please contact The Children's Trust on 01737 36 5017 for details. Online: You can pay via our website at . Please state that you raised the money by taking part in Humphrey's Pyjama Week. Once you've made your donation and thank you letter and certificate will be on it's way for you to display in your nursery/ organisation!
  • Got a question about Humphrey's Pyjama Week? Take a look below as we may have answered itin our FAQ's about the event.  If you still have a query please give us a call on 01737 365017 where we will be happy to help When is Humphrey's Pyjama Week? 2nd -6th October 2017 What do we get when we sign up? An event pack which includes an activity booklet, certificate and sticker for each child, plus for the teachers there is a short story to read to the children, a poster to display and suggestions for activities to carry out. Please see the Humphrey's Pack Page Our nursery already has something planned that week - can we hold a Pyjama Day during a different week? Yes, of course you can. Just let us know when you will be holding your Pyjama Week. Does it cost anything to take part? No, the pack is completely free. Do children have to pay £2 to take part or can we change the amount? £2 is just the suggested amount based on the feedback we have received from participating nurseries. You can ask for more or less! Who are The Children's Trust and what do they do? The Children’s Trust offers the largest residential brain injury rehabilitation unit in the country supporting children through a range of therapies to help them make the best possible return to ordinary life. Its 24-acre site also offers education, nursing and medical care for children with severe disabilities and complex health needs through The Children’s Trust School. It also has an extensive research programme and provides online support for families all over the UK. Our vision is for all children with brain injury to have the opportunity to live the best life possible. What will our donation be put towards? Your donation will go towards the specialist care required by the children at The Children's Trust and will also be put towards making sure they have a chance to participate in outings and activities to help them live their lives as best they can. During the last year some of the activities the children have taken part in include outings to cinemas, garden centres, farms, parks, museums and rive boat trips! On site the staff organise discos, massage and pampering sessions, plus film nights! We are a small nursery but we would love to take part - can we? Yes, Humphrey's Pyjama Week can be enjoyed by any pre-school group no matter how large or small! Can we come up with our own activities to do during Humphrey's Pyjama Week? Yes, as well as the activities suggested to you in the event pack, any additional activities the children will enjoy are welcomed. We would love to hear from you about any of these activities you organise. We're not very good at getting press coverage - are you able to give us some support? Yes - please see the sample press release in your event pack, or get in touch where we can give you some additional advice. How do we pay donations in to you?   Visit and select Humphrey's Pyjama Week  Still got a question? Please give us a call on 01737 365 017 or email .

Event Details

  • 2nd - 6th October
  • Nationwide
  • Register your nursery today to recieve bespoke activity packs for the children taking part in Humphrey's Pyjama Week!