Look back at 2020

It’s been a tough year so we’re very grateful to those of you who told us your stories and helped us to share more information with families and professionals. Here are some of our highlights.

Published on: 30/12/20

1 Blogs from children and young people

In 2020 more children and young people sent us their own experiences. Connor shared his experience of college; Jess told us about her love of writing; and Valentina’s teenage brother made a video of the year following her brain injury. A big thank you to all the children and young people for writing these! You can find these experiences in our Real Stories section, searchable by topics including Hobbies, School and Christmas (and email us if you’d like to write for our website).Connor

2 Families shared their experiences

More than 20 families shared their story with other families this year, providing emotional and practical support, which we know families find extremely helpful. These can be found in our Real Stories section, searchable by the cause of the brain injury to help you find a family that may have been in a similar situation to your own. Families can share your story here.

3 Support during coronavirus

In March we went into lockdown – a strange and unknown time. We shared tips on how to talk to your children about coronavirus and things you could do at home and provided a list of resources, including emotional support. Jake shared his experience with other young people. We shared the rights-based approach to support children and young people with neurodisability at The Children’s Trust.

4 We launched our CookbookCookbook

In the summer, The Step-by-step Cookbook was added to our range of books. This makes cooking simpler by breaking down recipes, equipment and ingredients lists into steps you can tick off as you go, all tested by children and therapists. Joey, then 11, said: “The cookbook has been great to use as I can easily see what ingredients I need and then follow the steps to find out what’s next. You can order the book for just the cost of postage and packaging here.

5 Many more of you joined our Facebook Support Group and signed up for our monthly enews.

More parents and carers joined our Childhood brain injury support group – a place where parents can ask others for advice and tips. We sent out more monthly newsletters than ever, sharing children’s stories and latest information on brain injury. You can join the support group and/or sign up for the Brain Injury Hub enewsletter.

Thanks for all your support in 2020 and we wish everyone a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2021!



Christmas viewing – Inside Out

Inside Out, the Disney Pixar film about a child’s memories, plays a role in helping children and their families understand more about how the brain works.