Jake’s tips during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jake had a brain injury last year following a brain tumour. To help other young people during this time, he’s shared his advice on keeping busy despite the restrictions of lockdown and tiers.

Teenager Jake finished rehab at The Children’s Trust in December 2019. His mum Bal shared their experiences in lockdown and now Jake has shared his tips in the video below. Jake says:

We should all be doing our physio – and getting outside every day, whether it’s 10-15 minutes – walking or jogging, whatever you are able to do.

"We can also do things that we love to enjoy. I like play outside playing football. It really helps – I love it.

"Keep in contact with friends and family – that’s the main thing that gets you through.

"Have a sleeping routine is very good – it keeps you going throughout the day."

Many of the tips Jake has mentioned are covered in more detail by experts at The Children’s Trust in in our piece on tips for families on routine, relaxation, reassurance and more, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Left in Lockdown

Bal explains how the pandemic has impacted her 17-year-old son Jake’s recovery from a brain injury. She has shared her story as part of the Disabled Children's Partnership campaign #LeftInLockdown.