We're Going on a Bear Hunt

To turn this classic children's into a sensory tale you will need a copy of Michael Rosen's book to read out loud. Below are instructions for what to do when you reach certain words or phrases in the story.

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Things you will need to enjoy this story at home:

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt book by Michael Rosen
  • Something to use as a drum – baking tray, table, saucepan
  • Chime or a bell
  • Pom-poms or real grass
  • Water
  • Jelly
  • Scarf or a piece of fabric
  • Silver recovery blanket or scrunched up paper
  • Torch
  • Mirror

Begin by playing the song 'Beautiful day' then follow the simple steps below to create your sensory story!


Read Suggested resources  Activity 
We are going on… A drum, a tray, legs, table, a saucepan Tap out the rhythm on your child’s leg or arm. If anyone else is joining in they can tap out the rhythm on a drum or any of the other suggested resources!  
UH OH! Chime  Repeat to indicate start of each activity.
Grass  Pom-poms, a handful of grass from the garden!  Gently wave the pom-poms or grass over the knees of your child (get them to smell if using real grass). 
River  Icy or cold water  Splash using hands/feet.
Mud  Jelly or real mud Place your child’s feet in the bowl or get them to use their hands to explore it (you could put it in a sealable sandwich bag to avoid any sticky mess).
Forest  String, net curtain or fabric hung from above Move through the material to create the experience of going through the forest.
Snowstorm Silver recovery blankets or
scrunched up paper to make snowballs 
Feel the snow/ice on hands/feet. Move over materials where appropriate, using different parts of the body.
Cave Torches, mirrors Use torches to look around the room, look at own faces in the mirror and track lights.
BEAR!  A drum, a tray, legs, table, a saucepan, blanket Quick drum beat or tapping. Reverse through the activities. Hide under blankets.
Bear growling sounds or thunder drum. 
Wait till growling stops then call your children’s name for them to reappear!


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