Summer round up

With off-site trips cancelled for now, the children have been enjoying on-site activities including water fights, dressing up, and gardening.

Summer is here and what better way to cool down and have fun than a water fight! With off-site trips cancelled for now, this is one of the favourite activities for children and staff in Maple and Oak Houses (residential homes). The rules are easy, just get your opponents as wet as possible!

Child and teacher playing

There’s more to this than getting soaked in the sun. Water fights help with physiotherapy without the children realising it. For example, the action of drawing up water into a syringe encourages the use of upper limbs and both hands. And it takes eye coordination to aim at the person you want to get wet.

To make the most of the summer, we’ve taken lots of other activities outside, including the ball pit and our arts and crafts ‘glitter’ group. Children have been enjoying sensory stories out on the lawn, and our music sensory sessions too (luckily we have no close neighbours)! The young people in Jasmine House also held a Beauty and the Beast themed party in the garden.

Kind to the planet and to each other

More of us have been growing our own vegetables recently. Young people in Jasmine House are growing peas, courgettes and sunflowers too. When the produce is ready, they’ll package it up for our key workers – including our Child Support Assistants and nurses – to say thank you.

Virtual event

Zooming in on excellence

During the lockdown, we turned our successful Professional Showcase sessions into free webinars on Zoom. They share our expertise with fellow professionals who support children with an acquired brain injury, wherever they are in the UK.

It is important that these sessions continue. We are home to the UK’s largest rehabilitation service for children with an acquired brain injury, providing the most complex rehabilitation in the UK outside of an acute hospital setting. Our work never stands still and we’re looked upon as a centre of excellence. Passing on our knowledge will ultimately benefit many more children and families.

The webinars cover a wide range of topics including spasticity (when muscles tighten and resist being stretched) and dystonia (when muscles contract uncontrollably) in children and an introduction to paediatric tracheostomy. With over 1,400 sign-ups so far, and some fantastic feedback, we’re repeating some sessions and launching a second virtual event series.

Click here for more information about our Professional Showcase