Telephone fundraising

Your support matters. Thanks to the kindness of people like you, children and young people with brain injury and neurodisability can get the care and support from our expert team to live the best life possible. You are a crucial member of our team – thank you.

How we use the phone to speak with you

We only call supporters who have given us permission to do so and who have provided their telephone number. We will always ask permission to speak with you and you can choose to end the call at any time.  The telephone gives us the opportunity to listen to you. It’s a vital part of our communications. It means we can update you about the children you’ve helped us support and how you can help us reach even more children with brain injury.

As a supporter of The Children’s Trust you are in total control of the call at all times and our fundraisers will never put you under undue pressure to give. 

Who we work with and why

If you receive a fundraising call from The Children’s Trust you’ll be speaking to a fundraiser who works for our telemarketing partner agency DTV Optimise. As we're unable to make these calls ourselves, we work with a professional telephone fundraising agency to do this on our behalf. Please rest assured that we went through a thorough process to find the right partner.

The staff at our agency are highly trained and have permanent contracts and salaries, with no bonus schemes. They employ passionate and professional fundraisers who are committed to supporting charities.

We feel it’s important to work in partnership with our agencies so they can really get to know our supporters and speak to you in the right way.

Do we record calls?

Every call they make is recorded, which enables us to monitor these calls every week, and listen to any concerns you might raise. We provide callers with on-going feedback and support to ensure you have the best possible experience as a supporter. If you ever have feedback we can retrieve those recordings to listen to the call.
Please be aware that we only store call recordings for six months.

Which numbers may have called?

The telephone number we call from is 0121 437 5866.

When you miss a call from The Children’s Trust, we want you to know that we tried to call you. That’s why if you call back the number we use you’ll hear an automated message telling you who called. 

What can I do to stop receiving calls?

We respect your wishes and will cease any form of communication upon request. If you’d rather not hear from The Children’s Trust by phone please call our Supporter Care team on 01737 364 349 or email (please remember to include the telephone number that we’ve tried to contact you on).

Alternatively, if you do receive a call from the number above, just let the caller know that you don’t want to hear from The Children’s Trust by phone again in the future.

During what times could I be called?

Our agency only calls between 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays. Call centres are allowed to call until 9pm on a weekday and 6pm on weekends, but we have chosen not to contact our supporters as late as this.

How do you keep my details safe?

The protection of your data is of the highest importance to both The Children’s Trust and our agency. We only use secure and encrypted methods of transfer and the agency does not store your data longer than the campaign on which you’ve been called. Everything is protected by legally binding contracts and data protocol agreements

How much do you pay telephone fundraising agencies?

We chose our partner DTV optimise because they offer the best value for money, high quality calls and a positive, supporter focussed ethos. As a supporter of The Children’s Trust you are in total control of the call at all times and our fundraisers will never put you under undue pressure to give.

We only pay our agency for completed calls. That means they need to speak to the named supporter and record an outcome. These costs vary depending on the type of call being made and will always be disclosed to you during the call. If these costs are not mentioned to you please contact our Supporter Care team to let us know. We are open and honest about all our fundraising.

How do you train fundraisers to make your calls?

Every fundraiser that calls on behalf of The Children’s Trust will be briefed and trained by an employee from the charity. Our agency also offers on-going training and support and we hold regular debriefs with fundraisers too.