Student fundraising

Enhance your University experience and fundraise for The Children's Trust! It's a great way to form new relationships and can be incredibly rewarding.

Show potential employers your passion to make a difference to the lives of children with brain injury.

There are so many ways you can support us!

We’d love to be your University Charity of the Year, if you have applications open for charity of the year please send them our way at as we would love to apply.

Hold your own event

Show peers your passion and potential employers your can-do attitude by organising an event. You could do this on campus or arrange something locally - have fun and unleash your creative side to come up with something fun and innovative. You can always contact us for advice, it's what our fundraising team are here for!

Email us or take a look at our 'hold your own event' page for more ideas.

Take part in a sponsored event

Feed your adrenaline by taking part in a sponsored skydive - fly solo or get all of your University friends involved too, it's guaranteed to get those pulses racing! Why not make the most of breaks between studies and take part in an international challenge on behalf of us? It's sure to create friendships and can be so fulfilling to enhance your University experience as a whole. We have created a tailored Trek Slovenia challenge around Lake Bled. Email us to find out more about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Collections and Rag Raids

Bucket collections are definitely stronger and more fun in numbers - we would be so grateful if you rallied a group of Uni pals to collect on our behalf! Once again email us to find out more about this.