Research days

Each year we host a Research Day to showcase our work to the staff team and encourage and inspire our colleagues Blog from 2014
I was very encouraged yesterday morning to have breakfast with so many people interested in research. The Research Working Party meets on the first Thursday of the month for breakfast in the Buttery (8.30-9.30). It is an informal opportunity to give and receive support and discuss the ideas you've been percolating. You don't have to be actively involved in a project. The Research Day must have sparked some interest in you all - long may it last!

Positive comments from 2014 ‘‘Just wanted to feedback how impressed I was with the day and the research you are doing across all disciplines – very inspiring to visit such a research active clinical setting – thank you for letting me join you’’Tutor, Brunel University ‘‘I will consider doing an MSc’’Anon
The Children’s Trust Research Advisory Committee Progress Report April 2017
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