Research days

Each year we host a Research Day to showcase our work to the staff team and encourage and inspire our colleagues. Blog about The Children’s Trust’s Research Day 2017 The Children’s Trust Research day was a busy and exciting day full of presentations from staff members from across the organisation, and external colleagues.  Dr Anne Gordon started with a key note lecture on the unmet needs of children who had sustained stroke.  There were some scary statistics, such as 86% of these children struggle to access public transport.  We heard updates about projects from our external colleagues such as the use of games like connect 4 for neuro-psychological testing, the visual difficulties of children with ABI, and how parents experience the ups and downs of rehabilitation.  This was particularly powerful with parents having shared the devastation they felt the first time their child was hoisted to the chair. Members of all therapy teams, nursing teams and quality assurance presented updates of projects from across site.  Many service development projects aimed at improving the experiences of children with either ABI or profound and multiple learning difficulties were shared.  Research projects looking at leadership at The Children’s Trust, outcomes of rehabilitation and the development of new assessment tools and interventions were discussed, as well as the exciting new research projects that are beginning in the school.  An overview of an evaluation of Brain Injury Community Service was also presented. There will be an exciting year ahead with all of these projects and more developing, and we look forward to hearing updates at next year’s research day!
The Children’s Trust Research Advisory Committee Progress Report April 2018
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