Presentations and publications

At The Children's Trust we aim to disseminate all our research projects to a wider audience through presentations and publications. We submit abstracts to conferences and have had a number of poster and oral presentations accepted.

Poster presentations are available to download below

European Academy of Childhood Disability Conference, 17-20 May

Occupational performance needs of children and young people with acquired brain injury L Wales, F Benford, M Burrough & C Dunford, UK Functional electrical stimulation in upper limb rehabilitation for children with acquired brain injuries: a single case experimental design G Kelly & J Shanley, UK Identification of long term needs and late effects in paediatric acquired brain injury (ABI) a collaborative approach A Desai, L Wales & K James, UK

BPNA Conference

The Late Effects of Peadiatric Acquired Brain Injury

Evidence Informed Practice: A Space to Think - CYPF Conference   

 Engaging busy clinicians in evidence informed practice
Development of a Systemic Self-Harm Pathway in a Paediatric Neurorehabilitation Setting A Reflective Case Review: re-learning handwriting after a traumatic brain injury Cognitive Therapy Outcome Measures: do they capture clinical change for children and young people with Acquired Brain Injury? DOWNLOAD: We don't just want an app: information needs of children and youth with an acquired brain injury (Lorna Wales, Ian Ray, Clair Cobbold, Carolyn Dunford) DOWNLOAD: NIFT-Y Neuropsychological Integrated Formulation Model for use in paediatric and adult ABI (Jenny Jim, Heather Lizziard) DOWNLOAD: SNAP 1 & 2: Post-acute Systematic Neuropsychological Assessment Profiles for paediatric and adult ABI (Heather Lizziard, Jenny Jim) DOWNLOAD: "Much your lunch!" an innovative song-based interdisciplinary bespoke intervention for eating/drinking problems DOWNLOAD: "Now that's what I call Tadworth!" a multidisciplinary, music group facilitating peer-to-peer interaction between girls with Rett Syndrome DOWNLOAD: Brief Group Music Therapy for acquired brain injury, cognition and emotional needs Developing Awareness Measures for Working with Children and Youth with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness Lorna Wales is giving an oral presentation at the congress on Development is interrupted not arrested: proposing a framework for self-awareness after a TBI in childhood.

We have previously presented at:

  • 27th annual meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Royal College of Nursing Conference 2015.
  • European Forum for Rehabilitation Research 2015.
  • CountMeIn! Scientific meeting April 2015.
  • Evidence Live! 2015.
Our research team presented at the 1st International Conference on Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury in Liverpool in September this year.  We have also recently had some of our work published in the following publications.
  • Dr Carolyn Dunford, our Head of Therapy and Research, has a book chapter in a recent occupational therapy textbook.
  • Dr Alison Perkins, one of our clinical psychologists has contributed a book chapter to a recent neuropsychological textbook.
  • Liz Bray, one of our nurses, has had an article accepted in a nursing journal.
  • Lorna Wales, our Research Associate, published a literature review in an occupational therapy journal.
The Children’s Trust Research Advisory Committee Progress Report April 2017
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