Graham sits in a van, smiling. He is wearing a yellow lanyard.

Graham’s volunteer story

Published on: 04/06/24



Graham has been a volunteer driver for The Children’s Trust since 2022.

Committed to the cause

I am a proud member of The Children’s Trust volunteer driver team.  

I first volunteered at the end of 2022, and, after training (and a short driving test!), I completed my first job in early January 2023.

I had been looking for some volunteering opportunities that complemented my work schedule. I ran the marathon a fair few years ago for The Children’s Trust and was shown around their national specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey, at the time. That had a lasting impact and, as a result, they were my first port of call.  

I looked at the website and saw the opportunity for volunteer drivers. The application process was easy, and I was soon part of the team and driving. I really enjoy the flexibility of this role. I volunteer as much as I can, but when I have work commitments I can reduce the frequency of my volunteering. There are usually some short jobs I can do to help out without committing a lot of hours in the day.

A rewarding experience

I have found being a volunteer driver very rewarding, with the opportunity to meet the children and young people, the fantastic team of nurses and carers, and occasionally the parents too. We help by taking the young people to hospital appointments, transporting them on fun days out, and taking them home when their rehabilitation placements end.

From the driver’s seat I get a broad view of what The Children’s Trust does and how it helps children with brain injury and neurodisablity. I can see that The Children’s Trust would not be able to complete so many journeys without the volunteer drivers.

I’m happy to have the opportunity to raise awareness of the volunteer drivers - and show how easy it is to become a one. I would absolutely encourage everyone to step forward and volunteer, if they are able to and have the time.  

The flexibility is great and it’s a real pleasure to be part of The Children’s Trust team.