Volunteer standing outdoors smiling at the camera

Archana’s volunteer story

Published on: 05/06/24

Archana supports The Children’s Trust as a volunteer health and safety administrator.

I joined The Children’s Trust as a volunteer health and safety administrator in early 2024. As part of my role, I carry out a unique blend of administrative tasks, such as updating training logs and inspection reports, along with taking on oversight responsibilities, and carrying out safety inspections.

My volunteer role at The Children's Trust combines the technical aspects of health and safety with the mission of supporting children with brain injury and neurodisability.

Personal development and fulfilment

Volunteering here is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

My role at The Children’s Trust has helped me gain experience in things I never would have been exposed to otherwise, such as conducting fire drills, ensuring safety equipment is in place, checking for potential hazards and so much more. It offers me continuous learning opportunities in areas such as risk management, emergency response, and regulatory compliance.

I chose to volunteer at The Children’s Trust after taking a career break from my work in IT. I wanted to do something I could connect with my previous work, and which would give me a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Initially I wasn’t aware of what this role would entail, but after my first meeting with the health and safety manager, I was confident that I could use my skills and experience in IT and teaching at The Children’s Trust.

Enriching experience

Volunteering at The Children's Trust is a highly rewarding experience. Every day I get exposed to a completely different perspective in life which gives me the satisfaction of knowing that the work we do as a team contributes to a safer, healthier environment for everyone.

If you're considering volunteering at The Children's Trust, I would say go for it! It's a decision that, not only helps others, but enriches your own life in countless ways.

No matter which field you choose to volunteer in, I can assure you are going to love this place with lovely and friendly faces who are working hard to create a positive and nurturing environment.